Phil Schofield suggests he needed a show

Gordon Ramsay’s bank balance starts this week and the host turned up this morning to chat about his new quiz show.

During a conversation about the ITV daytime program on Wednesday (February 24), Gordon discussed the devastation the hospitality industry has seen during the lockdown.

However, a number of viewers struggled when presenter Philip Schofield suggested that the television chef – who is reportedly a multimillionaire – needed the show to boost his bankroll.

TV chef Gordon Ramsay was out that morning (Image credit: ITV)

Gordon launched the BBC show Bank Balance to “keep busy”

Gordon said that morning, “You say all the time, stay in your footsteps, stay with what you know. I had to do something to stay busy.

“The entire hospitality sector was destroyed with the closure of all restaurants. That was our lifeline, our lifeblood. “

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Phil later said, “You were talking about the hospitality industry and it’s great to have Studio Ramsay as a backup plan that really helps settle the bank.

“But as far as your restaurants go, did I see the number where 22,000 bookings were canceled? These are the worst times for hospitality. “

Phil and Holly chatted with Gordon about his new show (Credit: ITV)

Gordon said to him, “It is terrible that you love to dine out and see the joy on the faces of these customers.

Having Studio Ramsay as a backup plan is great, which really helps with the balance.

“I suppose these measures, looking forward to May 17th, will be the safest outcome … on your knees for the last time.

“Nobody asked about it. That hit everyone. “

Some viewers struggled with Phil, saying Gordon needed his new show to “boost his bankroll” (Credit: ITV).

What did ITV viewers say?

On Twitter, the conversation angered a number of viewers who questioned the suggestion that Gordon needed financial assistance during the lockdown.

However, some indicated that the pressure was on him as an employer.

One said, “As if Gordon Ramsay needs a backup plan. His bank balance is fine. It is the little people in hospitality that we have to think about. #ThisMorning. “

Another wrote: “It is hard to regret Gordon Ramsay with the millions to fall back on when people running smaller hospitality businesses have lost absolutely everything! #this morning.”

A third tweeted: “My heart is bleeding for Gordon Ramsay, who is #thismorning there with millions in his bank account, several residential properties and numerous restaurants.”

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A fourth sentence: “Yes, but Gordon already has millions and millions in the bank. Many people are far worse off. “

Someone else argued, “He is the business, as is the pressure on his shoulders from all of his very professional staff.”

They added in a separate tweet, “So he wasn’t hammered because of his success? He also has to manage all of his employees, which is worse in some ways since they come with families too. “

ED! contacted ITV for comment.

– Gordon Ramsay’s new quiz show Bank Balance kicks off tonight (Wednesday, February 24) at 9 p.m. on BBC One

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