Phillip Schofield asks the government to clarify the wedding

This morning’s host Phillip Schofield appealed to the government after a bystander became emotional about their wedding venues business.

During the phone-in segment of the Thursday show, viewer called Jessica for advice after being stuck with her company.

She explained to the host and Holly Willoughby that she was having trouble telling couples that their wedding had been postponed.

Phillip Schofield made a petition to the government this morning (Credit: ITV)

What happened this morning this morning?

Jessica said, “We have been told we can go ahead and prepare all of our couples from April 12th.

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“The registrar informed us of this and it became known yesterday that this is not the case and that wedding venues cannot be opened.

“We have to postpone it again.”

This morning
Jessica asked for advice (Image credit: ITV)

What did Jessica say?

She continued, “There’s just no place for someone to say to these people again, ‘Sorry, we can’t do it anymore.’

“We have employees, we have so much responsibility and people come to me for answers and we don’t have them.”

Phil said, “I can hear the despair in your voice.”

Meanwhile, Jessica added, “We’re here to make people’s dreams come true and have the best day of their lives. We have run this business for the past 10 years and it has been wonderful.

“But we’re stuck in this absolute nightmare, there are no answers.

Phillip Schofield this morning
Phil advised Jessica (Image credit: ITV)

“The government released the roadmap, but without the fine print, and we still don’t have it.”

Also, Jessica said that they performed 15 Covid-safe weddings last year and know they can safely perform them again.

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Meanwhile, Phil said with his advice, “It’s not your fault. You are doing the absolute best that you can and you are ready to make those dreams come true.

“You just want clarity. Let’s hope someone can provide that.

What did Phillip Schofield say?

“If there’s someone on Downing Street or in the Cabinet Office who wants to call us for clarification, maybe we can make an announcement.”

He concluded by saying, “Maybe you have the fine print, you are on a date, you have something in mind that could help these people, I think they would appreciate it.”

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