Phillip Schofield goes mad when he and Holly Willoughby are used in fake advertising

Phillip Schofield whipped a fake advertisement of himself and Holly Willoughby to scam fans.

The 59-year-old This Morning presenter addressed the scam on Twitter yesterday (June 10).

It came after a supporter brought Phil’s attention to the ad that featured a picture of the couple on the ITV show.

Phillip Schofield slammed a fake ad on Twitter (Image: ITV)

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby caught in a fake scam

In addition to a screenshot of the ad, the follower wrote: “@Schofe @hollywills Is that real?”

Meanwhile, the headline on the ad read: “Student Reveals How He Made Over £ 40,000 Every Month Working From Home.”

The message then explained how the student ‘Akshay’ allegedly made his living.

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To make the scam seem more legitimate, the scammer even posted a picture of Phillip and Holly interviewing a man on This Morning.

But while the interview may be real, the meaning behind it is fake.

The post did not go unnoticed by Phillip, who quickly warned the follower.

He tweeted the post, adding, “Utter [bleep]! ”

Unfortunately, it seems that this type of scam happens on a regular basis.

In response to Phil’s tweet, one fan wrote, “I get so many emails with you and Holly’s pictures attached to these scams. Unfortunately, someone will fall for it. “

Scammers make me sick

A second said, “I saw this interview (real time) and had nothing to do with Bitcoin. Fraudsters make me sick. “

“These scams are so incredible that people actually fall for them,” shared a third while another added, “I’ve seen this countless times in the past 6 months. Usually via Bitcoin trading. “

Phillip and Holly aren’t the only celebs used in a fake scam, with Martin Lewis also starring in a previous ad.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby dance dancing on the ice
The ad included a photo of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield (Credit:

Phillip rules out Life Stories

Meanwhile, Phillip ruled out an appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last month.

After Sir Keir Starmer’s stint on the ITV show, the host made it clear that he would no longer perform in the future.

During the Life Stories chat, Piers asked Sir Keir 14 times if he had ever used drugs in his youth.

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He also asked how many sexual partners he had.

And it seems that Phil is not ready to answer similar questions.

That morning he said, “That’s probably why I won’t go on.”

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