Phillip Schofield is accused of being “rude” to the caller

That morning spin to win segment took place again today, but Phillip Schofield was accused of being “rude” to the caller.

Derek took the chance to win some money during the segment on Thursday.

After the phone rang, Derek answered and said the correct passphrase.

Phil didn’t look impressed during Spin to Win that morning (Credit: ITV)

What happened during Spin to Win?

Phil said: “Who are you? “To which the caller replied:” Derek. “

The moderator then asked how Derek was doing and he replied, “All right.”

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Phil screwWhen Holly asked, “Are you ready to win some money?”

Derek replied, “Hope so.”

This morning Spin to Win segment
Phil Accuses Of Being “Rude” To Caller Derek (Credit: ITV)

Holly couldn’t hear Derek and asked, “You what?”

Derek repeated, “Hope so.”

Holly said to him: “It’s a bad line, I can’t quite hear you, ”said Derek revealed, “It’s the dogs that bark.”

Phil then asked: “What are you planning for today, Derek? “

Derek simply replied, “Nothing,” to which Phil said, “Nothing. Should we turn the wheel then?”

This morning Spin to Win segment
Phil sat down jokingly (Image credit: ITV)

The wheel was then turned and landed at £ 1,000 when Derek said, “Cheers! “

Host Phil asked: “Did you see the show today, Derek? “to which he admitted:” Somehow. “

Holly joked:That’s a no, ”as Phil pulled out a seat and sat down.

Phil said, “Kind of Derek, right then.”

The caller then had to answer a question correctly to win a bag of goodies.

He was asked who the money-saving expert is on the show.

Derek said, “Oh, it’s Martin …” but couldn’t think of Martin Lewis’ last name.

holly willoughby and phillip schofield this morning
Viewers slammed Phillip on Twitter (Image credit: ITV)

After Holly gave him a hint, Derek managed to get it right and won the cash and the ‘Bag of Shizzle’.

When Derek cut the call, Holly asked Phil, “Are you exhausted from this morning?”

Phil said, “I just can’t stand the excitement.”

Even though Phil was joking around, some onlookers thought he was “rude” to Derek.

One person said on Twitter, “Did you ever think that Derek could have a hard time? That was pretty rude of Phil. “

What did the viewers of This Morning say?

Another wrote: “Phil can be very rude to these callers at times.”

A third added, “I love seeing @thismorning normal, but @Schofe was so rude to Derek.

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“You don’t know his situation, maybe he can’t get upset about it, no matter what happens in life. Travesty.

“And you’re the one who deals with mental health all the time.”

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