Phillip Schofield meets Beverley Turner after a blow

This morning’s presenter Phillip Schofield clashed with Beverley Turner on today’s episode (Feb.11) over the clapping of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

47-year-old Beverley outraged many Britons when she refused to clap for the charity hero, who died on February 2 at the age of 100.

Beverley today defended her actions that morning, but Phillip repeatedly asked her to explain.

Phillip Schofield and Beverley Turner clashed that morning over Captain Tom’s clapping (Image Credit: ITV)

What happened that morning between Phillip Schofield and Beverley Turner?

Phillip asked Beverley to clarify why she had made the decision not to clap in honor of Captain Tom.

“I have no regrets,” she said.

“He was a remarkable man, he was a lot of lift and showed us that older people can do remarkable things.

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“The reason this became such a big story is because a certain breakfast host objected to it,” she said, referring to Piers Morgan.

When Phillip squeezed it, she replied, “In the 60 seconds we have it’s a tough argument. The response to this virus was disproportionate to the deaths. “

This morning
Beverley stood up during the dispute (Credit: ITV)

“We are tired of the judgment”

Beverley, who is against the lockdown, continued, “Thousands of people came out.

“Especially those in the military, the ones who came out and said, ‘We fought, Captain Tom fought, we fight as soldiers to live in a free country’ and what we are seeing now is not a free country.

“We are tired of the judgment, we are tired of the curtain twitching …

“… and we’re fed up with people wanting to frolic in their neighbors who aren’t doing the right thing.”

We’re tired of the judgment, we’re tired of the curtain twitching, we’re tired of the people who want to participate in their neighbors, who are not doing the right thing.

Phillip then interjected and asked, “Are you satisfied with the (Sir Tom) statue?”

When Beverley replied with a long answer, the host said, “Well, I’m sure he would prefer if he were here to defend himself.”

Phillip ended the conversation frostily, moving on to the next point.

Why did Beverley quarrel with Piers Morgan?

Piers took to Twitter to berate Beverley after telling her Twitter followers that she wasn’t going to clap for Sir Tom.

In a quote tweet, Piers called her “pathetic”.

This was followed by an all-powerful argument in which Beverley referred to Piers as “manipulative”.

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“Must have touched a nerve that was blocked by @piersmorgan,” she tweeted back.

“I don’t think he liked the fact that from a lot of your reactions it looks like I wasn’t completely wrong… And he doesn’t like to be wrong.

“Maybe he’s manipulating you all too? Just a thought…”

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