Phillip Schofield shows “tiny guns” after training in lockdown

Phillip Schofield showed his “tiny guns” after training during the third ban.

The 58-year-old host of This Morning shared a snippet of his Instagram stories while flexing his biceps.

The star said his growing muscles were an “asset” to the lockdown.

Phillip Schofield showed off his “guns” (Credit: Instagram Stories)

What did Phillip Schofield say?

Alongside a picture of his muscles, Phil wrote, “Well, if Lockdown 3 has an advantage … my training has given me tiny weapons.”

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Phil often documents his fitness antics on social media.

He’s been working on his fitness since he lost a lot of weight because he kept the secret that he was gay.

Phillip Schofield at the NTA Awards
The star has spoken openly about his weight loss (Credit: ITV)

What did Phil say about his weight loss?

Phil came out live that morning in February last year along with his co-host and close friend Holly Willoughby.

The presenter spoke about his weight loss in his autobiography, Life’s What You Make It.

Well, if Lockdown 3 has an advantage … my training has given me tiny weapons.

He wrote, “My weight dropped and when it reached 9st 12lbs, The Viewers on This Morning noticed it.

“I got tweets from people asking if I was sick.”

Speaking of hiding his sexuality, he added, “It’s like being in the blackest cloud, consumed with crushing, desperate sadness.”

Phil often documents his fitness antics on social media (Photo Credit: Andy Barnes / /

Meanwhile, Phil has started planning his own roadmap as the lockdown is in sight following the government’s roadmap announcement earlier this week.

He shared a photo of a blackboard on Instagram with all the things he could do on certain dates written on it.

It read: “8. March: Sit on a bench outside with a friend. March 29th: Invite six people to the garden. See mother / see family.

April 12: haircut / have a drink and eat outside. May 17th: Go to the cinema. Got two households over. Vacation? Eating in a restaurant.

Phillip Schofield
The star outlined his plans for the suspension to be lifted (Photo Credit: Brett D. Cove /

“June 21st: Hug everyone!”

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Phil said, “My roadmap has never felt anything so simple so important.”

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