Pickle Music Comes Up With “Ganpati Anganat Nachto”

By Jyothi Venkatesh

On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, in every house, every street, and every town, you can see Ganpati’s presence in a big way. Music companies, singers, artists and music directors are also all set to get ready to welcome Ganpathi with songs written and composed in his honor. Everyone is ready to worship Ganpati in his or her own style. Pickle Music which has shot to fame in a short time with melodious and catchy music albums is also all set to come up with the music album Ganpati Anganat Nachto during the occasion of Bhadrapad. Sameer Dikshit and Hrishikesh Bhirangi have come up with this album Produced by Rakhi Suresh Gawda under the banner of SR Entertainment

During the ongoing Ganesh Chaturti, Pickle music Company has kept in mind the need and demand of the Ganesh devotees and come up with the melodious music album Ganpati Anganat Nachto. You get to see the grand statue of Ganraya in this music video. The number has been picturized on the fresh new pair of Sanchit Chowdhary and Sheetal Ahir Rao. You can see the dance jugalbandi of Sanchit and Sheetal who have come together for the first time in this song. You can see the fragrance of gulal, the praise and roar of Ganaraya, dhol, taashe, lejhim, Pakhvaaj and tutari to welcome the arrival of Ganpati and the resultant emotions in the minds and hearts of the disciples in the song.

You can see how Lord Ganpati himself dances to the tune of his disciples when they are mesmerized in his honor and become one with them instantly. Gorakshanath Waghmare has penned the lyrics for the song Ganpati Anganath Nachto, while the video has been directed by Raj Sahane. Music director P. Sankaram has written the song himself and sung it with Radha Khude. Dilip Mistry has choreographed the dance number while Vikas Singh has cranked the camera.

Watch the video here:

Sheetal Ahir Rao who has been seen in various TV serials and films till date, is seen in an altogether different avatar in the song Ganpati Anganat Nachto, along with Sanchit with whom she has been paired for the first time. Says Sheetal about the song, “Thanks to the song Ganpati Anganat Nachto, I got an opportunity to worship Lord Ganpati on screen. Ganpati is an all time favorite God of everyone, and Ganeshotsav is one festival which brings happiness to each and every devotee of Ganpati. I am also a devotee of a vignaharta like Lord Ganesh, asserts Sheetal.

Sanchit says that it is Lord Ganesh alone who has been his savior all through the dreaded period of the corona brought out during the pandemic for the last year and a half and adds that thanks to the song Ganpati Anganat Nachto presented by Pickle Music, he is happy that he has been able to serve Lord Ganpati in a different manner and says that he is confident that the audiences also will be equally happy when they see the video. Sanchit signs off by stating that he is very happy to present the song in tandem with Sheetal.

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