Piers Morgan accuses Dan Walker of “simpering”

Piers Morgan has targeted his old breakfast TV rival Dan Walker and accused him of “poodle-like simpering”.

The two have been at odds for years and have often shot at each other on their rival shows Good Morning Britain and BBC Breakfast.

When Piers resigned last month because of GMB’s Meghan Markle series, he couldn’t resist poking fun at the fact that his show had topped BBC Breakfast’s audience for the first time.

Piers’ final appearance on ITV programming was 35.3% and BBC Breakfast 33.4%.

Piers Morgan recently left Good Morning Britain (Image credit: SplashNews)

Dan Walker said Piers Morgan was “a decent guy” among them

The 56-year-old presenter has now taken another shot at Dan in his Mail on Sunday Diary.

He spoke out after 44-year-old Dan paid a compliment during an interview with The Times.

Dan said of Piers, “Under all that foam I think there’s a decent guy struggling to get out.”

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But Piers did not take the barb lying down.

He snapped, “Ironically, I’ve always thought that beneath all of that fake holy foam from Dan, there’s an evil piece of work struggling to get out.”

The host said knowing that GMB beat BBC Breakfast would make Dan “stamp on kittens.”

Ironically, I’ve always thought that beneath all of that fake scum from Dan, there was an evil bit of work struggling to get out

Piers went on, quoting Dan: “For someone with a proven record of loathing silver medals, five years in second place must be pretty painful,” the cocky Dan scoffed at the Sunday Times in February.

“Yes it did. Fortunately, Mr. Walker, your poodle-like attempt with the government ministers single-handedly gave me the gold medal and healed the pain! “

Dan Walker
Dan Walker and Piers Morgan often trade barbs online (Image credit: SplashNews)

Why did Piers leave GMB?

Piers left GMB after saying he didn’t believe Meghan’s comments in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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The star refused to change his stance and tweeted that free speech is “a hill I love to die on.”

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