Piers Morgan and Andy Murray on a Twitter series as he defends the tennis star

Andy Murray slammed Piers Morgan on Twitter after criticizing tennis star Emma Raducanu.

The couple got hit on social media over comments from John McEnroe after the 18-year-old retired mid-game at Wimbledon this week.

Emma struggled for air during the clash for Court One, forcing her to abandon the match altogether.

Andy Murray hit back on Twitter at Piers Morgan (Source: SplashNews.com)

After the game, McEnroe said on the BBC: “I’m sorry for Emma. It seems like it got a bit too much, which is understandable, especially what we’ve been talking about with Naomi Osaka for the past six weeks, not even here.

“How much can players take? Hopefully she learns from this experience. “

But while some critics denounced McEnroe’s testimony, Piers apparently agreed with the star.

What happened between Piers Morgan and Andy Murray?

On Twitter, Piers said, “McEnroe was telling the truth. Ms. Raducuna is a talented player but couldn’t handle the pressure and gave up when she lost heavily.

“Not ‘brave’, just a shame. If I were her I would tell my fans to stop abusing McEnroe and seek his advice on how to toughen up and become a champion like him. “

In the meantime, Andy didn’t hold back in his reaction to Piers.

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Piers upset fans over his views (Image credit: SplashNews.com)

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The Scottish star told Piers he was too “harsh”.

Andy replied, “I think this is a very harsh view of Piers’ situation.

“I think some of what he said was fair, yes. The timing was a little wrong, however, considering that at the time of his comments, no one had any idea what their problem was with injury / illness / breathing problems, etc.” . “

Guess this is a very harsh view of the situation, Piers

Piers then replied, “Well, I just felt that the reaction to what McEnroe was saying was absurdly OTT. Don’t you have? “

And the spitting wasn’t over yet.

Andy later added, “I think some of what he said was fair, yes … but the timing was a bit wrong considering that at the time of his comments no one had any idea what their problem was with Injuries / illnesses / breathing problems etc. “

How did followers react?

After the disagreement, fans rushed to defend Andy.

Commenting on Piers, one said, “His point is that he likes to pick on weak people.”

A second added, “Only experience Piers has with being under pressure comes from outside the studio after leaving the studio because he can’t handle it. He’s only speaking from experience here. “

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Another commented: “He thinks Britain’s greatest athlete is over pressure in sport. I would say he doesn’t deserve the answers from you, Andy. “

A fourth shared: “She’s only 18 piers. She had difficulty breathing. What did you expect from her? Do you keep playing and collapse on the pitch? “

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