Piers Morgan beats Anthea Turner for breaking lockdown rules

Piers Morgan hit Anthea Turner on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain episode.

The GMB host, 55, slammed the former Blue Peter host, 60, for allegedly partying at their home with five friends.

To his audience, Piers said: “What we could see less were people like Anthea Turner, who made their choice for reasons that completely amazed me …

“Suddenly last week came up and attacked obese people and actually attacked with a caricature of someone who is actually in a mobility scooter.

Piers Morgan unleashed on GMB at Anthea Turner (Credit: ITV)

Why is Piers so angry with Anthea?

“You attack and say you need to take care of your body and if you don’t you are causing the problem with the NHS because you are fat.

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“Then it turned out that she was caught literally the same day or the day after when five of her friends came for a spa day at her home with beauty treatments.

“The people there treat them, masseurs, beauticians and so on, and give them eyebrow tints, massages and manicures that every woman would love to have.

Piers Morgan Anthea Turner
Piers called Anthea a hypocrite at GMB (Credit: ITV)

“Well, how does this, Anthea Turner, fit in with your outrageous, contemptuous attack on obese people for not doing their part to protect the NHS? You know what, it didn’t work and it didn’t protect the NHS, right?

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“It had the opposite effect. We need people in their position … if that’s what you’re going to do, practice what you preach. “

Did Anthea break the blocking rules?

A report in The sun Anthea is said to have had a small gathering at her home in Kew, south London.

Around five friends and several beauty therapists are said to have participated.

Anthea Turner 2021
Anthea Turner reportedly held a pampering party at her home (Credit: SplashNews)

The alleged meeting took place amid Anthea’s controversial tweet about obesity.

When he shared a cartoon on Twitter, he appeared to be mocking overweight people who were concerned about COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Piers showed his disapproval of the cartoon to his own Twitter followers.

In response to the cartoon, he tweeted, “What the hell is this? Have you lost your mind, Anthea? Just despicable. “

However, Anthea has stood by her original tweet and has continued to tweet and retweet about her stance on obesity.

But she now appears to have deleted the cartoon tweet.

And last week tweeted: “Totally apologize for the clumsy cartoon – I’ll take the chin rollicking.

“However, this was never aimed at clinically ill people who need our support. My passion is sincere, even though COVID has got to give us a hell of a wake up call and we’d be crazy not to try and fix it. “

* ED asked Anthea Turner’s representative for comment.

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