Piers Morgan calls himself a swear word live on air

GMB presenter Piers Morgan made viewers “cry with laughter” today when he called himself the B-word live on air.

The host stunned his co-star Susanna Reid on the show on Wednesday when he suggested getting the rude word tattooed on his forehead.

On Tuesday’s show, Piers criticized a school principal who had a full tattoo sleeve.

Piers debated today about teachers having tattoos on GMB (Credit: ITV).

What happened today at GMB?

Piers and Susanna continued the debate today. Piers insisted that teachers are “role models” and that he is “not sure” that they should be high in ink.

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Piers said, “Should teachers have fashion standards that include coloring their bodies?”

Susanna replied, “Yes, teachers should, but tattoos don’t hurt them.”

Piers Morgan on GMB
Piers joked about getting the swear word tattooed on his forehead (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers Morgan say?

Piers continued, “They are role models who set an example for children in the classroom, and I’m not sure they should [have tattoos]. ”

The host then read a tweet from a viewer who said, “I think Piers should have a tattoo live on the show.”

What would i put? Legend on my forehead?

Piers asked, “Why? Why should I do that? What would i do What would i put? Legend on my forehead? “

Susanna joked: “Something else on your forehead …”

Piers and Susanna on GMB
Susanna looked stunned (Image credit: ITV)

Piers replied: “[Bleep]? “Susanna was stunned when she burst out laughing.

The naughty word Piers said starts with the letter “b” and ends with “end”.

Susanna said: “You said it!”

Piers added, “I know I like to say this because everyone is saying, ‘Oh, this is outrageous! ‘and they literally call me all day. “

Viewers couldn’t believe Piers’ comment on the show and shared their laughs on Twitter.

What did the audience say?

One person said: “Cry and laugh in the truest sense of the word @piersmorgan & @ susannareid100 this morning!

“Please don’t tattoo [bleep] on your forehead piers! “

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Another wrote: “Piers says [bleep]I cry. “

Meanwhile, others predicted that some people would complain to TV watchdog Ofcom about Piers’ swearing.

One added: “@Piersmorgan you legend. Queues Ofcom complaints. “

Another tweeted: “@piersmorgan 3000 Ofcom complaints before 7:15 am you sir are a LEGEND.”

One said: “Report live scenes of snowflakes @piersmorgan tÖ @Ofcom to say [bleep]Next to a video in which actor Jim Carrey types on a keyboard.

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