Piers Morgan hits back on Nicola Thorp after attacking This Morning

Piers Morgan hit back Nicola Thorp after criticizing him that morning.

On Wednesday’s show, Nicola described Piers as “hypocritical” after beating up trolls who attacked Captain Sir Tom Moore before and after his death.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield asked Nicola and Nick Ferrari their thoughts on the trolls.

A clip of Piers’ Rant on GMB played.

Nicola called Piers a “hypocrite” and accused him of “bullied” that morning (Credit: ITV)

What did Nicola Thorp say about Piers Morgan?

The former Coronation Street actress said, “Piers Morgan is actually quite hypocritical in the way he called trolls.

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“He is someone who perpetuated this culture. He bullied people nationally when he was a newspaper editor.

“The front pages I read when I was younger, when I bullied people like Victoria Beckham for being anorexic.

Piers Morgan on GMB
GMB host Piers slammed trolls who targeted Captain Sir Tom (Image credit: ITV)

“He’s tweets and hate campaigns against people I know personally and against certain tweets against me.”

Piers Morgan is actually pretty hypocritical as he called trolls.

She added, “I would say it’s someone like Piers Morgan who is absolutely right about what he said this morning, but people like us in the media should look inside and say:

“‘Okay, how do we proceed?'”

Nicola Thorp this morning
Nicola accused Piers of having “bullied” as a newspaper editor (Credit: ITV)

Piers strikes back

However, Good Morning UK host Piers responded to Nicolas’ comments on Twitter.

He tweeted: “I was told professional victim @nicolathorp_ criticized me @this morning for “Bullying Victoria Beckham for Anorexia” when I was a newspaper editor.

“That’s a lie. I did the opposite and defended Victoria in the mirror after she was called ‘Skeletal Spice’.”

Piers defends Captain Sir Tom

It comes after Piers attacked the trolls who attacked Sir Tom, who died Tuesday after battling the coronavirus.

Many people targeted 100 year old Tom during his trip to Barbados that he had with his family in December last year.

I hope you can live with yourself because it was despicable.

Piers said, “They left before the new barriers came in.

“Hannah [Tom’s daughter] told me how it hurt It hurt them in their darkest moment with their father, their grandpa.

Captain Sir Tom Moore on life stories
Sir Tom died in hospital on Tuesday after battling coronavirus (Credit: ITV)

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“You just added a little more despair and misery and hurt what they endured as a family.

“I hope you can live with yourself because it was despicable.”

He added, “I’ve read some of the worst in this country on Twitter in the past few days.”

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