Piers Morgan launches Twitter attack on Meghan Markle

On Twitter, Piers Morgan launched a new attack on Meghan Markle.

The former Good Morning Britain star has been critical of the Duchess for years.

His frustration with her grew so hot that it eventually cost him his job on the breakfast show.

Although Meghan has not responded to Piers for a long time, he attacked her again.

The controversial star took to Twitter this weekend to reprimand claims that he was “fired” by GMB.

He also seemed to label Meghan a liar by comparing her to the Disney character Pinocchio.

Piers insulted Meghan again (Photo credit: Splashnews.com)

What did Piers Morgan say about Meghan Markle on Twitter?

He replied to a person who claimed he was fired from ITV: “ITV did not get rid of me. I left GMB because I refused to apologize for not believing Princess Pinocchio.

“I still work for ITV, as you will see tomorrow when my Life Stories show with Dame Joan Collins airs at 9pm.”

Piers has a history of ranting Meghan.

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Piers Morgan Twitter
Piers isn’t a fan of Meghan and Harry (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

His remarks on their Oprah interview resulted in Ofcom registering 57,121 complaints, the highest number in its history.

He said he “didn’t believe a word,” she said after opening up about feelings of suicide.

Despite leaving the show, Piers recently teased that he might return.

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After a reported audience drop, the TV star said he was ready to return.

In one of his Daily Mail columns, he wrote: “Good morning Britain’s burglary rates have dropped to their lowest ever. Only 451,000 people watched the show on Wednesday while comedian Adil Ray was sitting in my old chair.

Piers Morgan Twitter
Piers could return to GMB (Image credit: cover images)

Is Piers Morgan returning to GMB?

“Today’s newspaper reports suggest that ITV would like Susanna Reid to have a female presenting partner to help stop the rot.

“I am ready to identify as a woman in order to bring the odds back to the high of 1.9 million where I left them,” he joked.

Even Piers’ co-stars think he will return to the job that made him a household name.

Lorraine Kelly recently said that she has no doubt that Piers will be back in “some form”.

“He’ll be back in some form, I have no doubt,” she told her The sun. “I don’t know, but never count him out of anything.

“What kind of game is that where you beat things up and they keep coming back? That’s him.”

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