Piers Morgan lets the royal duo cunningly attack

Meghan and Harry last night (Sunday, June 6th

The controversial former breakfast host, 56, is never afraid to share his thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

And now he’s wiped the back of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex once again.

What did Piers Morgan say about the baby names Meghan and Harry?

After Piers called Harry and Meghan “liars” after their interview with Oprah Winfrey, he decided to take a decidedly quiet stance on the Royal Baby News.

On Instagram and Twitter, he said: “To those who ask about my reaction to the new royal baby, I respect their parents’ constant requests for privacy and refuse to comment.”

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The comment was in response to the couple’s requests for privacy.

On his Instagram post, he added a zippered emoji suggesting that if someone is either insulted or reprimanded, he’d better keep quiet.

The royal couple announced the news last night (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

How did the fans react to Piers’ comments?

Despite his obvious blow to the couple, many of his Instagram followers agreed with Piers’ stance.

One said, “We all know what you’re thinking and [you’re] Law!”

Another wrote: “Piers you are the BEST!”

“Oh, I really wish you were at GMB tomorrow. I would like to hear your opinion! ”Said a third.

Couldn’t you even be kind and wish them all the best with their baby? “

However, he got a rougher ride on Twitter.

One thought, “Couldn’t you just be kind and wish them all the best with their baby?”

Another said: “My condolences. I know this is tearing you apart inside.

“She now has two children with him. It’s really over between the two of you. “

Baby name of Harry and Meghan
Piers appeared on an Australian breakfast show today (Credit: Channel 9)

What else did Piers say about the arrival of the royal baby?

However, Piers added a few thoughts about the newcomer.

He appeared on the Australian breakfast show Today.

And while he repeated his line “no comment” to “respect Harry and Meghan’s privacy,” he was more open about their choice of names.

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“I think it’s ironic that you have this couple who have devastated the royal family and monarchy for the past few weeks and named the baby after the queen.

“Maybe it’s her way of reaching out to the royals and wanting an end to this ongoing feud.

“But you see, I always think that whenever a new baby is born – I already have four myself – it is very impolite to say something negative at such a moment.

“Therefore I wish you all the best and a long and happy life.”

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