Piers Morgan meets Boris Johnson over “pathetic” NHS raise

Piers Morgan has beaten Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a 1% raise for NHS workers.

Piers, 55, who went on social media accused 56-year-old Boris of “slapping NHS nurses in the face”.

In front of his 7.7 million Twitter followers, he raged: “Boris Johnson owes his life to the nurses, but rewarded them with a pathetic 1% raise.

“He will inevitably be ashamed of another U-turn and they will get more in the end. But let’s not forget how hard he slapped them and how hard he hit them in the face. “

The prime minister was hospitalized with coronavirus last year and warmly thanked NHS staff for his recovery.

Piers Morgan Believes NHS Staff Including Nurses Make More From Boris Johnson (Credit: SplashNews.com)

How did Piers Morgan fans react to his ranting against Boris Johnson?

Meanwhile, dozens of Twitter users seemed to disagree with Piers’ views.

Indeed, many argued that the wage increase was justified.

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One user replied, “They did a great job during the pandemic, but at the end of the day they get a raise. Thousands of people have lost their jobs or others who have worked all the time will not get anything. “

Boris Johnson leaves a Kent school
Boris Johnson suffered from COVID-19 last year (Photo Credit: SplashNews.com)

Another user argued, “My wife who is NHS is happy. We know a lot of people who are on vacation or have cut wages.

“Plus, most NHS employees also get a progression pay, so in reality anyone not at the top of their pay range will receive, give or take a 3% raise.”

Meanwhile, a third user claimed, “A raise of any kind before the impending economic disaster is something to be thankful for. Certainly far better than most of the others (if they still have work at all). “

Piers isn’t the only celebrity to criticize the wage increase.

Amanda Holden also shared her disappointment with the small pay increase for NHS workers.

Amanda Holden also spoke of her disapproval (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What did Amanda Holden say?

On her personal Instagram account, she shared, “Wanted to say whether it was an absolute fact or a badly leaked memo, a 1% raise is pointless (when inflation rises) and an absolute travesty for our beloved NHS who along with many other key workers have kept the core of our kingdom at this extremely difficult time.

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“We clapped them, we praised them, we thanked them. Now let’s fucking show them … the money. “

Boris Johnson brings up the game

In the midst of public backlash, Boris defended the decision.

He said, “We tried to give them as much as possible …

“Don’t forget that there has been a wage freeze in the public sector. We are in pretty difficult times.”

He added, “My gratitude is overwhelming and I am especially grateful to the nurses.”

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