Piers Morgan reveals “real culprits” behind Good Morning Britain’s exit

Piers Morgan uncovered the “real culprit” behind his exit from Good Morning Britain.

And Piers claimed the person behind him lost not one but three high profile jobs.

The comments came after he left Good Morning Britain after being asked to apologize for his comments on the Meghan Markle Oprah interview.

Piers Morgan has revealed who was really responsible for his exit from Good Morning Britain (Credit: Splash News)

Who did Piers Morgan blame for leaving Good Morning Britain?

Piers jokingly laid the guilt at GQ editor Dylan Jones’ feet, calling him the “real culprit”.

Write in the Daily mailPiers quipped that every time he was given an award from the publication, he lost a high profile job within a few weeks.

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Piers said: “Since my sudden departure from Good Morning Britain, the guilt game has been raging. But the real culprit could be Dylan Jones, longtime editor of GQ magazine. “

He went on to explain that he was named Newspaper Editor of the Year in 2003 and lost his job at the Mirror within a few weeks.

The real culprit could be Dylan Jones, longtime editor of GQ magazine.

In 2013, he was named TV Personality of the Year for his CNN campaign against American gun culture.

He immediately lost his job on the network.

In December 2020 he won the award again for his “unshakable questioning of the government’s sad reaction to the pandemic”.

And last month it was announced that it would be leaving GMB.

GQ editor Dylan Jones
Dylan has given Piers three awards – and every time he’s lost his job (Credit: Splash News)

“Lightning never strikes three times”

“Given that I had lost both the Mirror and CNN jobs within a few weeks of winning the GQ Awards, I told Dylan that I was extremely cautious about getting it back when he told me I did would have won another one, but he convinced me as fast as lightning never strikes three times, ”explained Piers.

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He added, “The rest is history. The GQ curse is stuck again. Thanks Dylan. “

Piers Morgan will give the first exit to GMB today

Later today, Piers will tell his side of the story in his first television interview since leaving the GMB.

He should tell the US television presenter Tucker Carlson everything.

It will air at 9 p.m. UK time. Clips from the chat are slated to air on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight – UK viewers can stream online.

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