Piers Morgan says Diana has no regrets at Panorama

Princess Diana told Piers Morgan that she had “not regretted” her infamous Panorama interview.

Diana spoke to Martin Bashir in 1995 – two years before her death.

And amid the backlash on the content of the interview, she apparently invited Piers over for a private lunch and told him exactly how she was feeling.

Piers Morgan revealed how Princess Diana felt about her Panorama interview (Credit: Splash News)

What did Piers Morgan say about the interview with Princess Diana?

Piers wrote in his Daily Mail column, revealing the private lunch and what they were talking about.

Piers called the BBC’s behavior “scandalous” and said the interview was “obviously a shameful abuse of public money”.

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And he’s tried to rest all the speculation Diana regretted talking to Bashir.

Piers said: “In May 1996, six months after the interview was broadcast, Diana invited me to a private lunch at Kensington Palace with her and 13-year-old Prince William. “Do you regret taking a panorama?” I asked.

‘No,’ she replied emphatically. ‘I regret nothing. I wanted to do it, fold my side. So much rubbish was said and written that it was time people knew the truth. But I won’t do it again. Once is enough. I did what I set out to do. ‘”

Princess Diana interview: Piers Morgan says she has no regrets with Panorama
Princess Diana spoke to Martin Bashir in 1995 (Photo credit: YouTube)

What did Piers say about William?

Since the teenage prince was also present at lunch, Piers said he asked him if he thought it was a “good idea” for his mother to attend the interview.

He said he was “staring miserably at his plate” and when he looked up, his measured response still revealed how he was feeling.

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“He pursed his lips, his cheeks flushed, and he said, ‘I’d rather not say …’ William didn’t need it – his opinion was clearly very different from his mother’s,” Piers said.

Of course, William – now a grown man – spoke about the Bashir interview recently.

And with his comments, some royal fans accused him of “setting fire to his late mother” with gas.

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