Piers Morgan slams NHS staff against vaccines on Twitter

Piers Morgan has labeled anti-vaccine NHS workers “selfish” on Twitter.

The former GMB presenter popped up on social media last night (Sunday May 30) to express his disgust.

Piers, 56, also suggested that employees who work for the NHS and choose not to get a stitch should find new jobs.

Piers Morgan beat up Anti-Vax NHS staff on Twitter (Credit: Pexels)

Piers Morgan’s NHS rant

A clearly unimpressed Piers said: “Memo to NHS staff who don’t want the COVID vaccine: Leave the NHS and do something else.

He argued, “You should support public health, not risk the lives of patients with your appalling selfishness.”

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Unusually for Piers, after making a strong statement on social media, he didn’t argue with those who disagreed with his views.

However, while many followers agreed with his stance, others dug their heels in, insisting that they know best.

How followers reacted

The majority of respondents on Piers’ tweet fully agreed with him.

A Twitter user supported Piers by writing, “Well said! Anyone who refuses, I don’t want anywhere near me or my family! “

Those who refuse don’t want anywhere near me or my family!

Several NHS staff also came up on Pier’s comments – many sharing their own experiences.

Piers Morgan News
He’s suggested anti-vaxxers should find another job in the NHS (Credit: SplashNews)

How the NHS staff reacted

“So very true,” wrote one. “I can’t understand anyone who isn’t willing to take the vaccine. I worked for the NHS for 19 years and retired last year – 18 residents of the house I worked in lost their lives to COVID. “

Another added: “As an NHS staff member, I totally agree. Fortunately, everyone in my department took responsibility and got vaccinated. Not just for yourself, but to protect each other and all patients / visitors to the hospital. Asymptomatic COVID is a risk for anyone who has not been vaccinated. “

Another added, “When I started breastfeeding many moons ago, they wouldn’t even let the students go on the wards without being fully vaccinated against hepatitis, etc. I realize that this is a new vaccine, but the principle remains the same for me. Protect yourself and others or don’t do the job! “

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“As a former NHS employee, I totally agree. It’s called due diligence, ”said a fourth person.

And a fifth said, “I’m an NHS staff member and I was there for my vaccine as soon as I was invited. Now had both cans. Also had COVID and believe me, I don’t want that again. I’ve never felt so sick and really wondered if I would get better someday. “

COVID vaccine for all adults by autumn
Several NHS staff endorsed Piers’ view (Credit: Pexels)

How anti-Vaxxers responded to piers

But not everyone agreed. Among the contributions from conspiracy theorists, there were people who tweeted that they understood some of the objections.

“Sorry, I disagree with you on this,” wrote one person. “It is everyone’s choice that must be respected.”

Another person claimed, “I understand what you are saying, but some people are inherently skeptical of an accelerated release date COVID-19 vaccine.”

And a third replied angrily, “I’m an NHS staff member, have nothing to do with lazy or anti-vaxxer reasons. I’ve been working on reduced money for the last year, I’ve been told I can’t take a vacation, I’ve been pushed left to right and center. But ok I’ll stop because Piers said so. “


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