Piers Morgan tells brothers to bury the hatchet for Diana

Piers Morgan’s latest royal swear words reveal that he believes Prince William and Prince Harry should “bury the hatchet” and forgive each other for their mother.

In a new column, Piers Morgan writes that on Diana’s 60th birthday the two brothers should “clear that up” and find “peace and harmony”.

The brothers met on Thursday (July 1st) to unveil the statue of Princess Diana.

However, rumors suggest that a gap still exists between the two.

Piers Morgan believes the Princes must “straighten it out” for their mother’s sake (Image credit: Splash)

Prince Harry currently: What did Piers say?

Piers said, “I am sure the division between the brothers is very deep and very angry.

“How could it not – given how viciously Harry and his wife Meghan publicly devastated the royal family on global television this year?”

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His latest column for the Daily Mail begged the two men to make up for their mother’s sake. However, Piers admitted that he can understand why the princes quarreled.

“If one of my brothers suddenly renegades and shows up on TV with his wife to spray the rest of the Morgans as a bunch of mean, indifferent racists, he wouldn’t be getting a Christmas card anytime soon,” he wrote.

Piers Morgan to William and Harry: “Correction”

Following the unveiling of the statue, William and Harry released a joint statement praising their mother’s “love, strength and character.”

They praised Princess Diana’s “qualities which have made her a force for good around the world and have changed countless lives for the better”.

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However, Piers suggests that these good qualities in her mother should lead her to “settle” their feud.

He added that their argument “broke her heart”.

Prince William Prince Harry Piers
Prince William and Prince Harry attended the unveiling of the statue earlier this week (Splash News.com)

What did Piers Morgan say about Princess Diana?

Piers posted a tribute to Diana on July 1st, which would have been her 60th birthday.

Despite his good intentions, not everyone was satisfied with his words.

On Instagram, Piers said Diana was “an extremely complex person”. However, he also claimed that their “demons” were “driven” by their need to be loved.

He added, “She became the world’s greatest star and reveled in her celebrity as much as she pretended to hate her”.

Fans were split over Piers’ post, with many mentioning his treatment of Diana’s son Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle.

“Of course she would just love you if you publicly ridicule her son and his wife,” said one.

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