Piers Morgan thanks Claire Sweeney after trolls drove her off Twitter

Former GMB host Piers Morgan has commended Claire Sweeney for standing up for him.

The former soap star, 50, left social media after speaking out in defense of Piers.

Claire says she was attacked by trolls after she tweeted that she “missed” the British star of Good Morning.

Instead of holding back after the trolling, Claire spoke out again.

Claire Sweeney is a huge Piers Morgan fan (Image Credit: Splash News)

What did Claire say about ex-GMB star Piers Morgan?

Claire said, “I love Piers Morgan and you don’t always have to agree – that’s why free speech is important and I admire that he’s on his front line,” she told the Express.

“He’s got steel balls and I’m a big Piers fan, big fan, and I publicly endorsed him on social media and then didn’t check Twitter for a week because I knew I was going to be absolutely abused, but I did not doing it i don’t care. “

It has steel balls and I’m a big fan of piers, big fan.

She added, “And you know the show is not the same without him. I think he is sorely missed at GMB.”

In response to their comments, Piers took to Twitter to thank the star personally.

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The former ITV star tweeted, “How nice of her … thanks @clairesweeney!”

Piers Morgan
Piers thanked Claire for her support (Credit: Splash News)

So who will replace the host on GMB?

Piers was one of the most controversial figures in the country that year.

He is known to have left GMB following his comments about Meghan Markle in March.

As a result, opinion was massively divided.

Since Piers quit there has been a lot of speculation about who might take on his role.

However, according to reports, ITV bosses have already made up their minds who they want.

Speak with The sunA source revealed that Richard Madeley is a Dead-Cert.

They said, “Piers is nearly impossible to replace and GMB managers accept this, but Richard has his own inimitable style.

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“Like Piers, he is a trained journalist who knows how to press guests and get a decent ‘line’ from the interviewees.”

“He shoots from the hip, says what he thinks, and is a really brilliant, personable guy from the air – so there is a clock in this room.”

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