Piers Morgan urges fans to listen to the doctor’s terrible COVID warning

Piers Morgan has warned fans to be extra vigilant in the fight against COVID-19.

The 55-year-old GMB host shared a clip from a top doctor in which he spoke of the “coronavirus tsunami” that is currently flooding British hospitals.

Piers addressed his more than seven million Twitter followers and urged them to listen to the words of doctor and professor Hugh Montgomery.

Piers wrote: “Listen to this man. He is professor of intensive care medicine in London.

Piers Morgan tells Brits to take COVID seriously (Credit: SplashNews)

Piers wants the British to see Dr. Listen to Montgomery

“He knows what is really going on because he’s there and sees families die.

“Don’t listen to those who want to downplay this crisis. They don’t know what they’re talking about and they will cost lives. “

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In the joint radio clip, Dr. Montgomery that the surge in COVID cases is not due to government incompetence or the virus itself, but rather to public violation of COVID rules.

The doctor says, “We have big problems now in the intensive care unit in the UK.

Man wearing a face mask in the city
Dr. Montgomery Says Wearing Masks and Washing Hands Are Essential to Reducing COVID Rates (Credit: Unsplash)

“Only a large number come in, my heart goes to our emergency room too, where I’ve seen a tsunami in the last one or two cases. Everyone works with maximum stretch. “

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He then expresses his anger over alleged rule violations who do not wash their hands or wear masks when necessary.

So he went on, “It really pisses me off now that people are putting the blame on the virus and it’s not the virus, it’s people, people don’t wash their hands, they don’t wear their masks.”

Then he told Channel 5 Radio that he believed these rule breakers had “blood on their hands.”

The doctor says hand washing and wearing masks are essential

He said, “You have blood on your hands.

“You are spreading this virus. Other people will spread it and people will die. They won’t know they killed people, but they did. “

These sharp warnings were received somewhat mixed by Piers fans.

Some applauded his strong demeanor while others accused both the doctor and Piers of “scaremongering”.

A Twitter user argued, “No blood on my hands, I sleep peacefully at night. All of these guilty feelings are pathetic. “

While another user stated, “If I had tears in my eyes, I wish everyone could hear this, I will keep sharing it with my friends and family.”

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