Pill used to treat viruses in advanced stages

A new COVID-19 pill is at an “advanced” stage and is being hailed as a breakthrough treatment for the virus.

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced the news last night (January 27).

He said Ireland’s MSD Pharmaceutical is in the process of making a tablet treatment for the virus.

The news that a COVID-19 pill is in an “advanced” stage has been hailed as a breakthrough (Credit: Unsplash).

What do we know about the breakthrough in COVID-19 treatment?

The Daily mail reports that Varadkar told his parliamentary party Fine Gael the news on Wednesday.

He said the company is at an “advanced” stage in developing the pill, which could be used to treat COVID.

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No further details appear to be available.

That is amazing. We should be fine with all of these drugs at some point.

It’s worth noting, however, that the company previously stopped work on two vaccines after early trial data showed they failed to elicit an immune response.

What is the treatment for COVID?

There is currently no known cure for COVID.

Patients are hospitalized and their symptoms are treated while the body fights the virus.

Ventilators and medication can be used to reduce inflammation in the body caused by the virus.

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However, there is hope for another breakthrough treatment with a blood cancer drug.

Studies have shown that plitidpesin is up to 100 times more effective against the virus than remdesivir.

Remdesivir is a similar antiviral drug used by the NHS to treat severe cases in the hospital.

More research is needed and tests on mice and human tissue in a laboratory setting show excellent results.

Woman with package of pills
Could a pill be used to treat COVID? (Image credit: Pexels)

However, researchers have said it is an exciting breakthrough that could save many lives.

UCL’s Professor Greg Towers said it could even work on variants of the virus as it targets the “host” protein rather than a “viral” protein.

“These studies show that plitidpesin is a potent inhibitor of the virus and significantly more effective than the widely approved remdesivir.

“But its main strength is that it targets the ‘host’ protein rather than a ‘viral’ protein.

“This is really exciting. Targeting a host – or human protein – does not alter the effectiveness of plitidpesin with mutated variants, ”reports iNews.

What do the British think of the news?

The British welcomed the news of a potential COVID tablet.

On Twitter, someone said, “I can’t wait.”

Another added: “This is amazing. We should be fine with all of these drugs at some point. “

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