Player brand Gordon Ramsay from viewers shows worst television ever and goes out.

Gordon Ramsay hosted his new game show Bank Balance last night (February 24th) and it’s fair to say the audience was less than impressed.

Some have even called it “the worst game show ever” while others went a step further and said it was the “worst thing I’ve ever seen on television”.

Boss Ramsay has yet to respond to the negative comments that surfaced on Twitter.

Gordon Ramsay’s new game show Bank Balance wasn’t particularly well received by viewers (Credit: BBC)

Bank Balance as “worst game show ever”

It seems that viewers would much prefer Gordon’s cooking series to his new quiz show, Bank Balance.

While the broadcast was on Twitter, numerous users visited the website to share their verdict.

And it couldn’t have been easy for Gordon to read.

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“This is that worst what I’ve ever seen on TV, “explained one angry viewer.

“This is that worst Tv show ever. I’ll need some advice after the show, ”said a second.

“This is one of the worst Things i have ever seen And not just on TV, ”said a third.

“Gordon Ramsay #Bank balance is the worst Game show since Kilroy Shafted did in the early 90s, ”said another.

I’ve already turned around, stick to eating.

“Gordon is a world-class chef, but he has no relationship with the attendees,” they added.

Another commented, “Oh my gosh, this is it worst Game show ever! Come back tomorrow No thanks, it’s boring and stupid and takes forever. “

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“It may have to be that worst TV game show ever. It’s an embarrassing waste of the TV license payer’s money, ”explained another.

“Is #Bank balance the worst Quizzes always show what a waste of # Taxpayers Money, ”agreed another.

“@GordonRamsay I. Bet you regret agreeing to the host. The worst I’ve seen the show for years. It may be that worst “Game Show” at all! … What was @ BBCOne Thinking? “Asked another.

@Gordon Ramsay keep cooking, ”said another.

Gordon Ramsay's bank balance
Tosin and Tobi were the first to participate in the new show (Credit: BBC)

Viewers turn off the new Gordon Ramsay game show

Some BBC viewers apparently didn’t make it to the end of the first episode.

“* Turns off * #BankBalance,” one explained.

“I just switched off #BankBalance. Two of the most annoying contestants in the world and the lovely Ramsay in charge … Give me the chase every day! Said a second.

“Had enough already – turn that off [bleep]! ”Explained a third.

“Bank balance no,” said another. “It doesn’t get better and @GordonRamsay isn’t a game show host. Switched off.”

“I’ve already turned around, stick to eating,” said another.

Another commented: “#BankBalance one hour of my life I will never come back. The auditions have to be asked after annoying, loud, a lot of talking about nothing special. I am going to take some acetaminophen now. “

Gordon Ramsay's bank balance
The bank balance is back tonight and tomorrow night (Credit: BBC)

Did anyone like it?

Some viewers liked it and really wanted to hear tonight’s episode.

“I love being brilliant,” said a fan of the show.

Another commented: “We liked it very much.”

A third said, “Looks like you’ve done it again Chef” and added thumbs up, emoji.

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