[Podcast] Transforming the Campus Experience

Over the past 18 months, higher education leaders and employees have been doing their best to navigate a state of emergency and now face the prospect of getting campus ready for the safe return of students, faculty, and staff. This challenge has created even greater focus on the need to transform the traditional campus experience, using digital technologies to create a more resilient, connected institution where digital technology and workflows align to support people and processes.

ServiceNow’s podcast series, Transforming the Campus Experience, explores the questions and topics universities need to address with expert insights into how you can transform and modernize your campus. In this series, we’ll discuss:

  • Forging departmental connections
  • Improving the student experience
  • Bolstering the employee experience
  • The road ahead: What’s possible in the short and long-term future?

Check out the podcast episode below.

  1. Ep. 1

    Modernizing Campus Operations

Ep. 1

Modernizing Campus Operations

In Ep. 01 of “Transforming the Campus Experience” we are going to discuss why it’s so important to modernize campus operations in a way that forges connections between departments, why this is challenging to do, and give a few examples of how schools are already doing it.

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