Pooja Entertainment shows Bellbottom in the highest theater in the world!

“BellBottom” from Pooja Entertainment marks the beginning of cinemas in the hilly regions of Ladhak. “BellBottom” was shown for the first time in Ladhak’s premier mobile digital cinema at 11,562 feet, making it the tallest theater in the world.

To bring the cinema experience to the most remote areas, Picture Time Digiplex launched a mobile cinema in the Paldan area of ​​Leh in Ladakh. Today it is the tallest theater in the world. BellBottom was shown not only for the audience but also for the army out there. Actor Akshay Kumar and producer Deepshikha Deshmukh used social media to share this news.

This was a moment of joy and pride for Pooja Entertainment and Akshay Kumar. BellBottom is now in theaters !!

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