Prabhas’ fans are in a collective breakdown when Radheshyam hits the market!

If there was one thing Baahubali had to put his stamp on, it was Prabhas’s fandom. Baahubali’s success is thanks to Prabhas and his fans, who showered the film with so much love that it broke records both nationally and internationally. Prabhas can be seen on every director’s card as he has become a star across India. Recently his look was brought out from another Pan India movie and fans couldn’t contain their excitement. He returns in a ten year old person who is the avatar of a loved one.

Prabhas as Vikramadiya looks like the poster lover. He definitely looks like an 80s lover in all black clothing and a golf cap. After nearly a decade, he returns to the screen in this darling avatar. His fans are already excited about the new look and can’t wait to get more of it. Here are some crazy reactions from his fans.

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Bartblick @director_radhaa Thinnava anna #radheshyam #Prabhas

The sweetest and sweetest lover boy is on the way as #RadheShyam #Prabhas A very #HappyNewYear darling Have a great year everyone

#Prabhas #RadheShyam & #Darling # 2021WithRadheShyam

#RadheShyam He has arrived to win your hearts and make you fall in love again! We wish you all a happy new year! # 2021WithRadheShyam cast #Prabhas & @hegdepooja

Some people are already asking about trailer release, movie release, song release, etc. Waiting for the Radheshyam teaser #RadheShyam

#RadheShyam “I want to know the release date of this picture. Everyone please …” And my first gift from 2021 .. And I’m happy … Thank you 2021 … You make me happy

One of the excited fans was already worried about the box office. Say Advance RIP to BOX – OFFICE Rebels #Prabhas #Radheshyam #RadheShyamTeaser

The film is one of the four Pan India projects that Prabhas has up its sleeve. With every movie he’s working on, his fans can’t wait to take a look at his looks. The excitement is surreal. Prabhas is a global sensation and has fans all over the world. Prabhas’ fans can never stay out of the conversation, be it a poster release or a movie announcement, his fans will make their voices heard. They keep finding new names for their global icons like “Darling”, “Lover Boy”, “Baahubali Star” and what not. This time they leaned towards # 2021WithRadheShyam

With AdiPurush, Radheshyam, Salaar and Deepika Padukone stars without a name, Prabhas is making 4 Pan India films in the pipeline. His fans are crazy about every announcement he makes and now his fans have a mega reason to rave about him as he has announced 4 films which are all Pan India projects. He will star in various genre films for his upcoming projects such as Mythology, Romantic Drama, Science Fiction and the undisclosed genre for Salaar.

The star, who recently set the Italian schedule for Radheshyam, will soon be shooting for his back-to-back films, and the country or globe can’t wait for Prabhas to impress and win hearts again with his outstanding performances.

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