Pranitaa Pandit: “If the role is important, I can even make a cameo … Negative leading roles or gray characters and comic roles interest me”

At the end of last year, Pranitaa Pandit and her husband Shiv Pandit welcomed their first child. The couple became the proud parents of a little girl. Before getting pregnant, Pranitaa made the Balaji Telefilms TV show Kawach on Colors. Now that her baby is growing, the actor is slowly working to get back in shape and of course enjoying the time with her little angel Anysha Pandit. She also plans to go back to work soon.

So what roles are you interested in? “Something effective and interesting. It can be any regular character on the show. If the role is significant, I can even do a cameo. But it should be like pushing the plot forward and making a big turn. Even if it’s not the main character, it has to be a character that the content revolves around in some way. Negative lead roles or gray characters interest me the most, the other kind that I like a lot are weird roles, ”says Pranitaa, who has done TV shows like Kasam, Kawach, Uttaran and Jamai Raja.

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Regarding her amazing post-pregnancy weight loss, she adds, “I have already lost 16 kg, the weight I gained after pregnancy. And it took me a couple of months to lose those pounds. To be precise, it took about six months. “

There are no longer any reservations about married actresses or new mothers getting prominent roles on television. “Absolutely, I think being a mother shouldn’t be taboo, now we will all age gracefully. So it’s amazing that so many mothers are given significant roles. Think Anupamaa, the show is driven by someone who is middle aged and not around 17 or 18 years old. So there is now a lot of room for good actors and good content, ”she says.

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As for content, Pranitaa is delighted with how television is opening up to real and relatable stories and approaches. “The content of television has evolved, but I would still say we have a lot more to do. There are still the same ancient concepts that some are exploring. It’s good that many are experimenting. Unlike the usual love stories and family dramas, we now have shows in every genre, so we’ve already moved closer to diversity, ”she explains. After working a lot on television, the actress is particularly concerned about what kind of content she would choose as a comeback vehicle now.

“I want to work again on something that adds value and not on something I’ve already done. When I leave my family and go to work and work 12 hours, I want to make sure it’s worth it. It didn’t matter at first, but now I have a baby so I have to prioritize it and balance my family life and work. So if I leave her to go to work, the project is better, it makes sense and it helps me grow as an artist, ”she concludes.

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