Prateik Chaudhary talks about love for Ashwin’s role in Sindour Ki Keemat

Excited with the response to her character in Sindour Ki Keemat, Prateik Chaudhary wants to do more to keep his audience entertained. The actor says that his family and friends have also given positive feedback. “The audience is enjoying the show, they really like my character Ashwin Awasthi… I got so much love on Instagram, there are so many DMs, fan sites. I feel blessed and grateful. I promise to keep my audience and fans entertained, ”he says.

The actor shares that Ashwin’s character is very similar to him. “Ashwin, like me, is relaxed, positive, funny, very close to the family, loves his family very much, super cool guy. We both dress similarly and our tastes are similar. So I don’t know if I’m playing Ashwin or just myself because they’re pretty much the same, but not in their entirety, ”he adds.
Prateik enjoys playing the role so much that night shots don’t tire him. “Even during the day shift, it gets really exhausting. We barely have time for other activities but we are here to work so no complaints. I’m happy. I don’t want to rest. I want to keep working like this forever. Even if I hardly sleep, it doesn’t matter. For me, work is worship, ”he says.

What is the nicest compliment you have ever received for your performance? “Many said they really liked the way I portray the character. For Ashwin they wanted a funny, charming, good actor for their parallel leading role, so on the set of directors, creatives, everyone likes my way of performing. So I’m really happy that I was able to live up to that. I hope that I can continue to work like this and get more compliments, ”he laughs softly.

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