Prateik Chaudhary’s latest photo shoot speaks volumes about his toned body and style quotient.

Prateik Chaudhary’s most recent photo shoot speaks volumes about his toned body and style quotient. Famous actor Paramavtar Shri Krishna looks charming to say the least in these pictures with his messy hair and stubble. Be it in the white or blue plaid shirts or jacket, Chaudhary sure knows how to impress his fans. He spills beans on whatever makes him glow and says, “I just do my usual things, exercise regularly, eat healthy, and try to keep myself positive in every situation. Only when you are happy inside does it show on your face and body. “

Chaudhary adds that the job he’s in requires him to “stay fit and look presentable”. But no matter what you do at the end of the day, it depends on how good you are as a performer. “I think looks are important to an actor only when you’re playing a certain character that requires you to look good and be built. Otherwise, it is very important for an actor to first be a good artist who knows the craft. That is the basis, rest is like a bonus, ”he explains.

Talking more about photo shoots that made him look young and alive, the actor adds, “I’ve gotten leaner and I’ve been eating strictly these days. I’m on a low-carb diet and only survive on salads. I also follow a proper exercise routine. It really helps me detox and make me look fresh and young. A healthy lifestyle can work wonders. “

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