Predictions for Serie 7 Islanders series

Love Island Series 7 kicked off last night (Monday June 28) and it’s pretty clear we have quite a ride ahead of us with this new group of entrants.

Every year Love Island brings new dramas with its many couplings and separations – and everything else that happens in between!

And we already have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from the new Love Island contestants …

Love Island Candidates: Predictions for Series 7

Toby will pull a Michael Griffiths

Will Toby pull a Michael? (Photo credit: ITV / Lifted Entertainment)

Anyone who has seen Love Island in the past will know that there is always drama when Casa Amor comes into play.

As we saw, Toby didn’t get off to a good start with no girls stepping forward for him. However, he found himself connected to the stunning Kaz.

I don’t see Kaz and Toby as friends anymore. Anyway, judging from Toby’s testimony that he is in his introduction to a lot of DMs, I can say that he is the guy who plays the field.

I have a feeling he will find someone and then find another and mate again at Casa Amor.

Could we end up seeing another love triangle with these Love Island contestants as we did with Michael, Amber and Joanna in the fifth series?

I think so.

Hugo is the next Dr. Alex

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Will Hugo find love in the villa? (Photo credit: ITV / Lifted Entertainment)

Last night we met the lovely Hugo, a physical education teacher from Hampshire.

You can tell immediately that Hugo is a lovable, friendly boy and he reminds me a lot of the former candidate Dr. Alex George.

As many of you who have watched Love Island’s fourth series know, Dr. Alex struggling to find love. Although he appeared to have a brief romance with Alexandra Crane, he didn’t feel it.

I have the feeling that we’ll see Hugo go the same way. However, I strive for him to find someone!

There will be some fighting over Brad

Is Brad’s head turned by the new girl? (Photo credit: ITV / Lifted Entertainment)

Let’s face it, Brad definitely caught the eye of a lot of the ladies in the mansion (and outside).

That means, of course, that there will be more than one girl who wants him.

He’s currently dating Faye, but on today’s episode (Tuesday June 29), Chloe is coming to the mansion.

I have a feeling there might be a fight for Brad in this year’s Love Island contestants.

Jake and Liberty become the next Dani and Jack

Could Jake and Liberty be the next Jack and Dani? (Photo credit: ITV / Lifted Entertainment)

Jake and Liberty eventually teamed up and it immediately seems like the two of them have some attraction.

Many Love Island series have a couple who get together very early and stay together throughout the show (Dani and Jack, Molly-Mae and Tommy, etc.)

While they’re still getting to know each other, I have a feeling these two might have a spark.

They seem well suited. I think we have to wait and see …

Sharon, Kaz, and Shannon won’t find someone until later in the series

Will they find love (Photo credit: ITV / Lifted Entertainment Daily)

Sharon, Kaz and Shannon are extremely stunning girls.

However, I feel like they’re all the kind of girls who don’t stand for someone who doesn’t treat them exactly how they want to be (and that’s how they should be).

I feel like they all need their time to find the person they want to be with.

They all give me bad bitch energy and I love it!

Aaron the next ovie?

Will Aaron Find Love? (Photo credit: ITV / Lifted Entertainment)

Aaron seems very calm and relaxed. He reminds me a lot of Ovie from the fifth series.

I have a feeling Aaron is going to find a girl he likes and settle down with her. He definitely doesn’t seem like a player to me.

Let the fun begin!

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