Prince Charles orchestrated the reunion of Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince Charles masterfully brought Prince William and Prince Harry back together.

The Duke of Cornwall, 72, took an almost flawed but very effective step in getting the “feudal” brothers to talk.

When the royal family left St. George’s Chapel after Prince Philip’s funeral, a fleet of chauffeurs arrived to drive them back to Windsor Castle.

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However, Prince Charles shooed them away.

Instead, the family (Bar The Queen) headed back to the castle in what appeared to be a sign of unity.

The “feudal” brothers at Prince Philip’s funeral (Photo credit: BBC)

What did Prince Charles’ gesture mean?

Richard Kay writes for the Mail online, described this step as: “Impromptu maybe even common sense, but it was as eloquent a signal as the tingling music that accompanied the coffin with the earthly remains of his ‘dear papa’ to his resting place in the Royal Vault.”

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When they left, Kate Middleton engaged Prince Harry in a chat.

And when Prince William joined in, Kate stepped back and allowed them to talk privately.

Kay continued, “And just like her [Kate Middleton] When Kate got to Harry’s side, she melted away.

Prince Philip attending the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle
An understandably grim Prince Harry at the funeral (Credit: SplashNews)

Did the “enemy” princes talk?

“By now both brothers had their COVID masks removed and there was only a flicker that the frost might thaw between them as they started their way to Chapel Hill.”

It is understood that they continued chatting as they reached the square and then gradually dispersed.

While Harry and Williams’ chat could have been just for the cameras, it at least seems like a move in the right direction.

During the funeral procession and the service, brothers neither looked at each other nor spoke a word.

William and Harry allegedly argued over Harry’s claims about the royal family during his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Charles and Camilla Prince Philip funeral
Prince Charles with Duchess Camilla (Image credit: SplashNews)

Harry not only accused an unnamed royal family member of making racist comments, but also said that both his brother and Charles were “trapped”.

It remains unconfirmed whether the brothers will spend more time together during Harry’s trip.

This is the first time Harry has been in the UK in over a year.

But since his wife Meghan Markle is heavily pregnant, he could return to America any day.

Also, since the Queen’s birthday is on Wednesday, there’s a chance he could stay in Windsor to celebrate his grandmother’s 95th birthday.

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