Prince Harry and Meghan to avoid a “pariah” return to England

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be staying in America for the foreseeable future, an expert told Entertainment Daily exclusively.

LA-based branding expert Eric Schiffer announced that driving home now will no doubt be a “painful pariah-like experience” for the royals.

It comes after her divisive interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired in the UK.

Prince Harry and Meghan could be in the US for quite a while, expert predicts (Credit: Splash News)

Prince Harry and Meghan stay in America

When Harry announces two new jobs this week, the couple certainly seem to have taken root in the United States.

And Eric believes they will stay “for a while”.

He said to ED !: “You will be in America for some time.

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“To return to England at this point would be a painful pariah-like experience.”

When asked how the couple is viewed in America, where Meghan is from, Eric confirmed that it is different because of people’s “politics”.

He said, “The average American will see them differently depending on their origins and politics.

Returning to England at this point would be a painful pariah-like experience.

“If you talk about conservative Americans in the Midwest, many will see them as contactless elites who function as modern prima donna.

“Those in Hollywood, on the West Coast and East Coast, however, will see her in a modern, Princess Diana-like appearance.”

Meghan Markle looks dejected
Meghan Might Be Looking For More “Big Platform Opportunities” After Having Her Baby (Credit: Splash News)

Prince Harry gets two new jobs

Earlier this week, Harry announced that he had got two new jobs in the US.

And Eric admitted that this was exactly the way he expected Harry to go.

“I was asked where to go now that Netflix and Silicone Valley are natural choices,” he said.

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He also predicts that Harry will grab more opportunities “at the stock level”.

This would make him a brand ambassador with “ownership opportunities”.

Eric said these have a “great advantage”.

“In many ways, this is one of the smartest moves as these types of opportunities can add significant value to your equity.

“And it doesn’t require him to create content that could be criticized as pathetic,” he said.

“Look, I don’t know, but he wasn’t before leaving England, Harry wasn’t known for his television production skills.”

What’s next for Meghan?

So what will Meghan’s next step be when she has the baby?

“I think you will see that she is doing more of the same great platform opportunities and finding ways in her head to inspire people,” predicted Eric.

“And maybe even share the secrets of modern motherhood through the prism of her own experience.”

Eric Schiffer is the chairman of Reputation Management Consultants based in Los Angeles.

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