Prince Harry and William should remember happiness as children and healing divisions

Prince Harry and Brother William need to “remember the happiness” they shared as children and heal their rift, said royal photographer Arthur Edwards.

The photographer has known Harry and William since childhood.

Registered mail The sunHe said the statue was “Diana as I remembered her”.

He added that the boys “made their mother proud”.

So after the brothers got together to unveil the statue on her 60th birthday, could the brothers heal its crack?

Edwards definitely hopes so.

William and brother Prince Harry were in good shape on the reveal (Image credit: BBC News)

What did Arthur Edwards say about Prince Harry and William?

He thinks the holding back incident “helped Williams and Harry’s relationship”.

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He said it was nice to see the boys talking to their aunts and uncle Charles Spencer.

And he hopes that maybe the trio can “persuade the brothers to see their senses”.

He added, “If you love someone, you can forgive them and I know that William and Harry love each other very much.”

Prince Harry and William
While there was no heart-to-heart, it is hoped that seeing them again will help heal their rift (Image Credit: BBC News)

What did he say about William and Harry as children?

Edwards stated that in his role as royal photographer, he has known the boys since childhood.

And, he said, there were times when they could only play together.

Edwards hopes the brothers will remember the happy times they had as children and use those memories to reconcile.

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“Hopefully you will remember the happiness you enjoyed looking at the statue of your mother with her arms around two children and another child behind her back,” he said.

He also called for the insults to “finally stop”.

“Maybe now the insults will finally stop and peace will break out,” he concluded.

How did the brothers behave during the unveiling?

The brothers put up a closed front at the unveiling of the statue yesterday (July 1st).

They made a joint statement after the event and were seen laughing and chatting before the unveiling.

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