Prince Philip had a complaint about Queen Elizabeth

Prince Philip only had one complaint about his wife Queen Elizabeth during their marriage, a friend has revealed.

Royal biographer Gyles Brandreth, who had a 40-year friendship with the Duke of Edinburgh, made the revelations about Lorraine this week.

Gyles said Philip groaned that his wife was “always on the phone”.

Philip’s only complaint about the Queen was that she “never spoke on the phone” (Photo credit:

Prince Philip’s “complaint” about Queen Elizabeth

Gyles said to Lorraine Kelly, “The only time he complained about the Queen and he knew the Queen had been supportive all his life.

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“He never set foot wrong, he always showed up on the right day, in the right uniform, on time, one step behind her.

“[Philip] said to me, ‘God, she’s never on the phone. Never turn off the phone. Who is she talking to? ‘”

Gyles Brandreth on Lorraine
Gyles spoke of his 40-year friendship with the Duke of Edinburgh (Image credit: ITV)

The Queen and Philip had an incredible marriage for 73 years.

The monarch previously described the duke as her “strength and abode”.

Earlier this week, on her 95th birthday, the Queen released a statement to thank people for their “good wishes”.

She also said that following Philip’s death on April 9, the family was going through “a period of great sadness.”

The statement read: “We have all been comforted to see and hear the honors paid to my husband from the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the world.

The Queen and Philip were married for 73 years (Photo Credit:

“My family and I would like to thank you all for the support and kindness that we have received over the past few days.”

In addition, Her Majesty said: “We were deeply touched and continue to be reminded that Philip had such extraordinary effects on countless people in this life.”

He never set foot wrong, he always showed up on the right day, in the right uniform, on time, one step behind her.

Last weekend, the Queen had to sit alone during Philip’s funeral due to COVID-19 regulations.

However, Gyles said Her Majesty would have wanted to obey the rules, even though it meant she sat alone throughout the service.

The Queen stops before Prince Philip's funeral
The Queen thanked people for their “good wishes” on her birthday this week (Photo credit:

What did Gyles say about the queen?

He said of Lorraine: “The queen is driven by duty and sustained by faith. So she would have wanted to strictly adhere to the rules because she leads from the front.

“What everyone else suffered this year, she would do the same.

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“But her faith is also very important to her. Although she was sitting alone, it was she in her own chapel that she knows so well.

“So in the house of God she doesn’t believe that she is alone.”

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