Prince William and Kate treated children with a chocolate Easter egg hunt

Prince William and Kate Middleton treated their kids with a chocolate Easter egg hunt this weekend, sources said.

Yes, while households across the country rummaged for eggs, so did the royal children – George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Not only that, the trio were treated to cake too!

Kate and William treated their young brood to a chocolate Easter egg hunt this weekend (Image Credit:

What did Prince William and Kate’s children do over Easter?

A source revealed Us weekly that William and Kate spoiled the younger royals with chocolate and cake.

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The source said, “They don’t allow George, Charlotte, and Louis to eat chocolate and candy every day, so it was a real treat.”

Treats for the Queen and Prince Philip

The chocolate festivals were not just for the younger kings, but for the entire royal family as well.

They don’t allow George, Charlotte, and Louis to eat chocolate and candy every day so it was a real treat.

The Queen and Prince Philip received personalized Easter eggs made and decorated by Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis for their great grandparents.

With the help of their mother, they also baked “a delicious chocolate cake with mini Cadbury eggs”.

Right now, baking could be one of the current distractions for some of the younger royals enjoying their school holidays.

The inside source revealed that Kate was “busy entertaining her”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kept the royal family entertained that Easter
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge entertained the children for Easter (Photo credit:

The inner source also said:: “They like to ride bikes with the family, play tennis, and George and Charlotte take riding lessons.

“Charlotte is obsessed with horses, just like her great grandmother. It is her favorite thing to do. “

However, Prince Louis is very keen to get in the saddle too! Although his parents have the feeling that the toddler is “still a little too young”.

Confusing Easter message

Recently, Prince William and Kate confused royal fans after sharing a “bizarre” Easter message.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a message with their social media followers on Sunday (April 4), but their choice of pictures left some scratching their heads.

The royal couple posted a GIF on their Twitter account of a rolling pin smashing a chocolate egg into pieces. Still, it confused many.

In the responses, fans called the GIF “weird” and “a little violent”. One follower commented, “Mmm, that’s a pretty weird GIF … but Happy Easter to all of you.”

A second wrote, “What a bizarre selection of videos!”

However, some seemed to believe that the GIF should be a symbol of the story of the resurrection of Jesus.

“He is indeed risen,” wrote one follower.

“I wish you all a good resurrection day,” said another.

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