Prince William calls his uncle a “threat to The Firm”

Recent news reports suggest that Prince William sees his uncle Prince Andrew as a “threat to The Firm”.

It is also alleged that the Duke of York was “isolated” from his family.

It comes after the Met Police closed their investigation into his sexual abuse allegations.

Prince William is not considered a fan of his uncle Andrew (Image Credit: Splash News)

News from Prince Andrew: Duke “isolated” from family

Royal expert Russell Myers appeared on Lorraine today (October 11th) and made the comments.

He said Andrew was the only member of the royal family “attached” to the idea that he can return to public life.

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And he also claimed that he was “isolated” from his family.

The company is also believed to “shut down” Andrew fearing he will do more damage to its brand.

Myers said, “I think he’s the only person in the whole world right now who’s holding onto the aspect that he could return.”

Prince Andrew news
Prince Andrew reportedly “isolated” from the royal family (Image Credit: Splash News)

Prince William sees Andrew as a “threat”

Heir to the throne, Prince William, “really came to the fore,” Myers said when he claimed he saw his uncle as a “threat” to the monarchy.

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He said, “He not only thinks that he is a threat, but what really gets him, the source said, is his sense of entitlement and the way he has dealt with himself during this saga.

“He’s not a fan of his uncle Andrew.

“That says a lot about the relationship between them and he wants to get this deal done before he does any more damage to the monarchy.”

Prince Andrew “isolated” from Royals

Myers went on to tell Lorraine that high-ranking members of the royal family “are in a tight spot” following allegations in the Duke of York.

And that makes him “pretty isolated”.

He revealed, “It appears that they are approaching him. He’s got pretty isolated. “

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