Prince William “has modeled himself after the Queen since Prince Harry left”

According to reports, Prince William “models” himself after Queen Harry’s “outbursts”.

The Duke of Cambridge is to accept Her Majesty’s calm dignity and sense of duty.

And he doesn’t feel trapped, as the Duke of Sussex claimed in his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The royal writer Penny Junor told the story The sun: “I think he absolutely understands what his fate is and he accepts it. He is based on his grandmother, the queen. “

Prince William models himself after The Queen (Image credit: SplashNews)

Prince William “gets his fate”

Meanwhile, a source told the publication that Harry’s claims actually reinforced William’s desire to be king.

According to reports, William now understands the difference between monarchy and celebrity.

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The source said: “The pandemic, coupled with what Harry is doing, has actually given William a new meaning.

“He can really tell the difference between being a celebrity and living in real public service now.”

The brothers met face-to-face for the first time in over a year when Harry returned to the UK in April to attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

Here their interactions seemed tense at first, but then they were filmed in chat while leaving the service together.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry now live very different lives (Image credit: SplashNews)

Harry was talking about Princess Diana

Since returning to America, Harry has started a new television series with Oprah Winfrey.

In The Me You Can’t See the Duke tells of the trauma of losing his mother at such a tender age.

He also described how traumatic it was to walk behind her coffin in front of thousands of grieving spectators.

Harry said, “It was like I was out of my body and just moving on, doing what was expected of me and showing a tenth of the emotion everyone else was showing.”

Prince William with his wife Kate Middleton
Prince William with his wife Kate Middleton (Image credit: SplashNews)

He added, “This is my mother, you’ve never met her.”

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Finally, he said he turned to drugs and alcohol in his late 20s to cover up his fear.

He said to Oprah, “I was ready to drink, ready to do drugs, I was ready to do the things that made me feel less.

“But I slowly realized that I didn’t drink from Monday to Friday, but probably drank for a week on one day on a Friday or Saturday evening.

“And I found myself drinking not because I enjoyed it, but because I was trying to mask something.”

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