“Prince William Lookalike” loses thousands in the “brutal” finale

On the BBC show Pointless there was a candidate on Thursday that some viewers had compared to Prince William – and he was badly lucky in the finals.

During yesterday’s (February 25) rerun of the BBC quiz show, hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman had candidates Sam and Alan in the studio.

Sam and Alan in the pointless repeat on Thursday (Image Credit: BBC)

What did BBC viewers say about pointless?

On Twitter, viewers noticed a royal resemblance in Sam.

One tweeted: “Nice to see Prince William on #pointless today …”

Some senseless viewers discovered a royal likeness (Credit: BBC)

“The resemblance is strong!” agreed a second.

“A little more hair,” emphasized the other user.

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Third thought: Sam looked more like the Queen’s youngest son than the Duke of Cambridge. They wrote: “Good grief! Did Prince Edward and Steve Coogan have a love child? #Unuseful. “

Sam and Alan’s “brutal” finals

Sam and Alan reached the final round and played for a prize pool of £ 3,000.

Host Alexander said to them: “They worked on it quickly, fantastic. We got nice low scores from you from the start. But wouldn’t it be nice to take that jackpot home with you? “

Sam said he hoped to have questions about football or cricket.

Alan, meanwhile, would have been happy with “everything that has to do with cars”.

I’d rather be nowhere near right than get 1 in the final! Damn brutal!

They left with a question about US acting dynasties asking about films starring Tippi Hedren, her daughter Melanie Griffith, and granddaughter Dakota Johnson.

They came up with different answers and seemed confident, but unfortunately none of them were pointless. Her first scored three, her second one, and her third only four points.

As a result, they just lost the £ 3,000 jackpot. Alexander said: “Three really good answers! But I am sorry. “

Pointless viewers called Sam and Alan’s loss brutal while Alexander praised their responses (Credit: BBC)

On Twitter, the result stunned viewers who described it as “nausea” and “really bad looks”.

One tweeted: “Sickener for you. Three guesses with a total of 7 points [sic] goes well. “

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Someone else said, “I’d rather be nowhere near right than get one in the final! Damn brutal! #Unuseful. “

Another sentence: “#pointless That was really bad luck.”

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