Princess Anne says the royal family will have to “move on” after Prince Philip dies

Anne, Princess Royal, paid a loving homage to her father, Prince Philip, after his death earlier this year.

The 70-year-old Princess Royal welcomed her father’s curiosity while highlighting the Duke of Edinburgh’s strong personality when speaking with ITV News.

However, the Princess Royal also stated that she hopes her family is not too discouraged in the grief over his death.

Princess Anne: “It’s important to remember” (Photo credit: ITV News YouTube)

Why Princess Anne talked about Prince Philip

Anne’s brief tribute to Philip came in her first interview since his death in April.

She spoke on the occasion of his 100th birthday yesterday.

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Anne presented Dr. Gladys West also received a special Prince Philip Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Dr. West is the first female engineer to ever receive the medal.

Anne noted that Dr. West – who helped develop GPS – would have been particularly relevant to her father’s interest in navigation.

What Princess Anne said about Prince Philip

Speaking to ITV News from her Gloucestershire home, Anne said the Royals should “keep going” after her father passed away.

She continued, “But it’s important to remember.”

We have to go on.

Anne also reflected how excited Philip was about a wide variety of topics.

She explained, “There weren’t many people who understood how broad his interests were and how much he supported an amazingly wide range of organizations.”

Princess Anne talks about Prince Philip
“He had seen many” [life]'(Photo credit: ITV)

“Philips Curious Nature”

Anne also addressed Philip’s curious nature by saying, “When something broke, I always thought, ‘Take a look at this and see if you can fix it.’

She also stated that she was heavily influenced by her father’s behavior.

Anne continued, “Your life experience has a huge impact.

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“He had seen a lot of it, and in a really wide range, in both work and industry and academia.

“He probably asked more questions than he gave opinions. He was always good at that. “

Princess Anne’s parents – the Queen and the late Prince Philip (Photo Credit: Tony Clark /

In comments aired shortly after Philip’s death, Anne described him as her “teacher, supporter and critic”.

She said, “You know it’s going to happen, but you’re never really ready.

“My father was my teacher, my supporter and my critic. But above all, it is his example of a well-lived life and free service that I most wanted to emulate. “

Several members of the royal family paid tribute to Philip yesterday when he would have turned 100.

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