Producer Binaiferr Kohli says thanks as Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! turns six

If you are a fan of comedy and love to watch TV, then you definitely didn’t miss out on Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! Over the years, audiences have shown immense love for the show and characters Angoori Bhabi, Anita Bhabi and their husbands Manmohan and Vibhuti, respectively. The popular sitcom recently finished for six years, and producer Binaiferr Kohli hopes to keep people smiling for the next decade as well.

“Words are missing to express how pleased we are with all of the love and praise that viewers have showered on the show over the years. I have to admit that the creative team, the actors and everyone else behind the camera worked really hard. My husband, Sanjay Kohli (producer and creative director) is known as the king of comedy for no reason. Together with Shashank, Manoj, Raghuveer and Harshada (all part of the creative team) he makes an excellent team, ”she says.

The show has won many awards and has long enjoyed good TRP. According to Kohli, it’s the audience that made it a cult show, sort of a milestone in the TV industry. Kohli talks about how the team stays motivated: “We love, respect and trust each other. Sanjay and I love our team. I think I have the greatest team. You are like family. Everyone can give input and ideas and we all work together. We are not separate from each other. Every milestone the show passed was just because of the team. Every success means that it belongs to the entire team … We like to work and have a lot of fun on the set. “

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Interestingly, a spin-off from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! is the popular comedy Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, which is already two years old. “We are happy that this spin-off also worked. This spin-off concept and the good show are a rare combination. The show has a different type of story, language, cast, and presentation. Manoj Santoshi is a magician. The creative team on this show is also fabulous, ”adds Kohli. The hardest part is making people laugh. Aside from the strong script, you need the right actors to do the parts. “It is more of a life-threatening job to choose the cast. With this you can never go wrong or your show may not work. We have to try hard. And it will be difficult if we have to replace actors, but we always keep ourselves ready, ”says the show maker.

Recently, Nehha Pendse was trolled for her performance as Anita Bhabi. She replaced actor Soumya Tandon, who previously played the same character. Mention this to Kohli and she adds, “Soumya did the show for five years and loved it from the audience. So when you replace someone in an A-situation like this, the work becomes all the more difficult. But Neha did a great job. She is not a mime artist, she brings her own nuances to the table. She’s a good actress, extremely attractive, and for a reason we picked her after auditioning 100 girls. She is extremely engaging and comes all the way from Nariman Point to Naigaon to the sets. Had we both not been convinced of it, neither of us would have tried so hard. “

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