Queen Elizabeth II’s buddy reveals the monarch’s funny prank to fans during the tour

Queen Elizabeth II’s sidekick has revealed a hilarious prank Her Majesty played in front of unsuspecting royal fans while on tour.

The monarch is celebrating her 95th birthday next month (April) and in the run-up to the celebrations, the queen’s childhood friend has told some stories about her.

The Queen likes to play practical jokes (Credit: Splashnews)

The queen is a big joker, says buddy before Her Majesty’s birthday

In the new ITV document My Years with the Queen, which airs April 1, Lady Pamela Hicks recalls when the Queen played a joke on fans.

Referring to the Queen, who is affectionately nicknamed Lilibet, she reads from an old diary entry that reads: “I sat under a tree with Lilibet and listened as she sat down on a desert island.

“But she cheered up considerably when a shipload of gonorrhea showed up and yelled if we had seen the queen, where is she?

“Lillibet ripped off to the beach in pants. She pointed to the other side of the island and shouted, “She went like this.” Then he jumped up and down for joy as the boat disappeared around the corner. “

Lady Pamela also shows an advantage for the queen’s constant waving to the fans.

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“Philip and Lillibet have to wave most of the day,” she says.

“She developed enormous muscles in her arms. Sitting quietly in the car, being yelled at and waving, is part of the tour that Philip loathes. “

She is an amazing person. There is such inner strength.

The queen’s childhood companion continues to share her admiration and respect for the king.

“The queen’s life was completely determined by her sense of duty,” she says.

“It’s a word that is rarely used and certainly not understood, but the duty was good. It gave you a goal.

“She is an amazing person. There is such inner strength. And she’s been that way all her life. “

the queen wears purple
It’s a big year for The Queen with her birthday approaching (Credit: Splashnews)

New holiday for 2022

Then the queen’s birthday parties aren’t the only event to mark.

In 2022, the UK will celebrate the Queen’s platinum anniversary with a four-day bank holiday.

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The extended holiday marks the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession next year.

Before that, the Queen is due to celebrate her accession day – February 6 – privately in Sandringham.

The day also marks the anniversary of her late father’s death.

– My Years with the Queen will air on April 1st at 9pm on ITV

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