Question Time audience praised Amy Hart as a “breath of fresh air”

Question Time viewers praised former Love Island star Amy Hart after appearing on the current discussion show.

Amy, 29, took her place on the podium last night (Thursday, September 30th) and spoke about the topics of the day.

And soon viewers were praising her for her confidence and sensible ideas.

Amy made a number of good points in Question Time (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Amy Hart in Question Time last night?

Amy joined the Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs George Eustice, the Minister for Shadow Child Poverty, Wes Streeting, journalist Ella Whelan and the President of the UK Industry Association Karen Bilimoria.

The discussion soon turned to the murder of Sarah Everard and the safety of women on our streets.

Amy spoke confidently about the case and even called for a change in police officer recruitment.

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“You were taught from a young age that if you lose your mother, look for a cop and I think 99% of them are good,” she said.

“But I think you need more psychological tests before you become a cop.

“Walking around in pairs, so if you see two cops, you know it’s legitimate.”

Amy also spoke about education, calling for the gap between state and private schools to be narrowed.

How did the audience react to Amy’s confident demeanor?

Her sensible views and confident debating skills were soon lauded on Twitter, and some called her “a breath of fresh air”.

One viewer wrote: “I know it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but what a breath of fresh air and honesty @ amyhart1707 was on #bbcqt.

“It’s so nice to hear an eloquent, passionate speaker who doesn’t have to follow a party line. Amy for PM and Southgate for Deputy! “

Another said, “Damn it… impressed with Amy… who would have thought? She wasn’t like that on Love Island. Very articulate and speaking sense #bbcqt. “

A third commented, “Go Amy Hart!

“I’ve never heard of her, but she has more struggle and authenticity than Blimmin Wes Streeting on #Equality & #Education.”

When Amy met Sir Keir

Over the past week, Amy has shown a deeper interest in politics after interviewing Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer in Brighton during the party’s annual conference.

Registered mail The Ishe said, “Meeting Keir was so nice.

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“I knew he would be polite and nice, but I’ve met such a sincere, kind man who really wants to make a difference.

She also said the invitation to interview him came as a surprise.

“It came as a shock to all of us when the email landed in our inbox asking if I would like to interview Keir Starmer and run a Q&A for young people from across the country. Of course I said yes! “

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