Questions about Hollington Drive episode 3

Hollington Drive is nearing its inevitable climax and we still have a lot of questions after watching episode three.

The third part aired on ITV on Wednesday (October 13, 2021) and ended on a shocking twist.

Here are our burning questions after watching Hollington Drive Episode 3.

Anna Maxwell Martin as Theresa and Rhashan Stone as Fraser in episode three of Hollington Drive (Image: ITV)

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Questions about Hollington Drive Episode 3 – What is the boat thing about?

In every episode, viewers have seen Theresa wearing a white summer dress and relaxing in a boat.

The scenes show Theresa surrounded by a beautiful landscape and the glittering water of what appears to be a lake.

In episode three, Theresa plunged into the water in a perfect moment of calm.

But what does it all actually mean?

Is it an indulgent act to show Theresa’s longing for calm?

Does the viewer really need these fantasy flights to imagine that Theresa would really rather be somewhere else than in her suburban setting with a man she doesn’t even seem to like very much?

Not to mention a son she clearly doesn’t trust and a sister to whom she appears to be indebted.

Is Helen a cold-hearted murderer?

In the opening episode, Helen (Rachael Stirling) seemed to be a beacon of normality – a headmistress, with a calm approach and a very neat haircut.

But those days are long gone.

Now we know she is having an affair with the dead boy’s father, is in a loveless marriage, and is more suffocating than a subway car on a hot day.

Why is Helen so desperate to stop someone from going to the police?

She seems to cover everything up and is the master at forcing her sister Theresa.

Helen seems cold-hearted, cunning, and controlling.

Or, in the words of her brother-in-law Fraser, a “cleaning, manipulative” [bleep]”.

Is she able to kill Alex? If not, who did it?

The memorial to Alex Boyd on Hollington Drive
Helen gives a speech at the memorial to Alex Boyd (Image: ITV)

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Questions About Hollington Drive Episode 3 – Why Are The Doors Never Locked?

We know Hollington Drive is chic pants street, with perfectly manicured gardens and expensive furniture …

But we live in the 21st century, no matter how much money you make.

So why doesn’t anyone lock their door on Hollington Drive?

In episode 3, a casual Ben ran to the door of his house, away from his mother who was waiting in the car.

A pull on the doorknob and Ben stepped right in – it doesn’t matter that nobody was home and the door should have been locked (especially after a murder!).

In the same episode, Alex’s parents admit that the door to their house was unlocked the day Alex went out and was murdered.

It’s not 1950’s England, you know!

What the hell is wrong with Helen’s and David’s marriage?

Helen and David are not in a happy marriage.

The two are rarely in the same room and when they are, the tension is palpable. Why so?

We know David was unemployed for six years after they moved for Helen’s job.

Obviously, the third episode of Hollington Drive ended with a big twist about David.

Will we finally find out in episode 4 what secret they are hiding about their marriage?

Eddie and David Hollington Drive
Ken Nowsu as Eddie and Peter McDonald as David in Hollington Drive episode 3 (Image: ITV)

Questions about Hollington Drive Episode 3 – Why does Theresa Fraser want to get married?

In episode 3 of Hollington Drive, Theresa won an award for Best Local Business (for a cafe she seldom visits).

During her speech, she tried to thank her sister Helen, who wasn’t even at the event.

But in one painful mistake, she neglected to thank or even mention her longtime partner, Fraser.

And this isn’t the only time we suspect something is wrong with their relationship.

As with Helen and David, something is NOT right with Theresa and Helen’s partnership.

Why does Theresa (Anna Maxwell Martin) propose to get married out of the blue?

We think Fraser was just as amazed as the audience!

What’s really wrong with Helen and Theresa?

The sibling relationship between the sisters Helen and Theresa is fragile and rough.

We can only guess that something happened in their past.

While it sometimes looks like Helen has all the cards in hand, disturbing scenes in Episode 3 showed Helen sobbing that Theresa should never leave her.

Why is your relationship so co-dependent? Will Theresa ever leave her sister to start over with Fraser?

Fraser and Theresa Hollington Drive
Theresa shocks Fraser by suggesting they get married on Hollington Drive (Image Credit: ITV)

Why is Eddie on the show at all?

No offense Eddie, but why are you hanging out on Hollington Drive anyway?

You’re a pen who only seems to brag about how many kilometers you’ve run and rammed into potted plants in your fancy sports car.

Or is there more to Eddie than you think?

Did David take his own life?

At the end of Episode 3, viewers learn that David has been hospitalized.

Eddie found David after he “took something” and we were told “it’s bad”.

Did David try to kill himself by suicide?

If yes why? Or could the killer have struck again?

Hollington Drive ends Wednesday, October 20th, 2o21 at 9 p.m. on ITV1 and the ITV Hub.

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