Quizzer calls for “patience” after the participant “breaks the rules”

The chase featured Jenny Ryan on Friday, and the vixen had to tell a candidate to “be patient” when host Bradley told her she had broken the rules.

During the Friday afternoon (Feb. 26) episode of the ITV quiz show, one of the hopefuls was answering a question about Freddie Starr when Brad got a bad case of giggles.

In Melanie’s head-to-head game against The Vixen, Bradley read out the question: “The title of the Elvis Presley song was written on the side of Freddie Starr’s coffin?”

Melanie was the last of the participants to face chaser Jenny Ryan (Credit: ITV).

What happened to Brad and Jenny on The Chase?

He read option A) Crying in the chapel, but when he read the second option, B) way down, the ITV host burst out laughing and tried to contain himself.

While he was still laughing, Melanie answered the question. The music then stepped in to reveal which option she had chosen.

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As he did so, Brad looked up, still giggling, and told her she should have waited for him because, according to the format of the show, he would have to read the three options out loud before the candidate could respond.

Bradley was delighted with the answers to a question about Elvis and Freddie Starr (Credit: ITV)

With a chuckle he said, “I didn’t say it! I haven’t said the last one … you can’t, it’s against the rules. “

Melanie repeatedly apologized and Jenny reassured her, telling her that you need to be “patient” when Bradley laughs as he often does on the program.

Jenny tried to keep her face straight when she told Melanie they had to be patient (Credit: ITV)

How did the Chase team fare?

At the end of the show, Melanie, Keith and Ben made it to the finals.

They were playing for a prize pool of thousands.

I haven’t said the last one … you can’t, it’s against the rules.

Unfortunately, the foxes caught them easily.

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Bradley marveled at one of the questions the quizzer had on her set when he asked her to name him a fox woman who is a vixen.

Jenny grinned and pointed out that it was actually lucky, but the team of three would have had that question if they had chosen the other set.

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