Rana Daggubati launches NAS: the ultimate house of luxury fragrances!

Today Vimall Chander, Nehaa V Chander and Suhasini Rahul launched NAS, a luxury perfume brand. While the company is headquartered in Hyderabad, NAS perfumes are made in Dubai. With ten limited fragrances for men and women, NAS has also won over Rana Daggubati for the launch of its flagship perfume “Raw and Bold”.

The rich ingredients that make up NAS perfumes are imported from France and the United Arab Emirates and carefully handcrafted in Hyderabad. With Parfums and Extrait de Parfum, the premium perfume brand offers its customers the highest concentration of perfumes available on the market. NAS stands for its value of quality over quantity, produces a limited stock of its range and makes its products rare and exclusive. The company will regularly introduce a limited collection of five elite fragrances for men and women. In order to give back to society, NAS will also support the education of girls through their efforts.

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Vimall Chander, Founder – NAS, Nehaa V Chander, Co-Founder – NAS, and Suhasini Rahul, Business Partner – NAS, are excited about the introduction: “Opportunities do not arise – you create them. If you don’t want to risk the familiar, you have to be content with the common. Rana Daggubati is known for making a difference in the possibilities he created and it was a perfect fit that he launched our signature fragrance Raw and Bold. We are grateful to have him on board for NAS. “

Commenting on NAS’s signature ‘Raw and Bold’ fragrance, Rana Daggubati said: “I’m excited for Nehaa and Suhasini about their new company, NAS, and I’m sure they will continue to achieve greater heights. I’m also excited to launch Raw and Bold, a perfume that is my signature fragrance in every way. The introductory citrus notes blend with the woody base notes to create a feeling of raw yet refined masculinity. “

The signature fragrances:

Raw and fat: This men’s fragrance consists of the opening notes of citrus of lemon and hesperidium and base notes of cedar wood. Both notes combine to create a fragrance that is reminiscent of masculinity. It makes perfect sense that it was inspired by the fearless Rana Daggubati.

Violent: This fragrance is dedicated to Hyma, the daughter of Suhasini, and captures Hyma’s playful and passionate spirit with an opening note of cherry plum and a base note of oak moss. This fragrance is one of the limited edition fragrances for women and was inspired by Hyma who was always relentless and passionate about everything she did. The proceeds from this perfume will be donated to a charity for the education of girls.

The story behind NAS:

Nehaa V Chander has always been known in her circle of friends for leaving a poignant scent trail wherever she goes. Their popularity of having a great sense of fragrance led Vimall to found NAS. Vimall’s creative idea represents the abbreviated initials of the co-founders and business partners of the brand.

Nehaa was soon supported by Suhasini Rahul, her business partner, who was immediately on board with the idea of ​​a luxury perfumery. While the team is excited about the brand’s launch, today is special for them for another reason. The launch date of NAS was specifically chosen in honor of our daughter Hyma, who was born on July 27th.

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NAS’s journey was not an easy one, riddled with curve balls along the road. With the goal of nothing less than perfection and dissatisfied with the first inventory, the team had to scrap the entire collection. When they revamped the fragrances and resumed production in 2020, the pandemic gripped the world and put more obstacles in their way. The world’s shutdown didn’t help their case and production was suspended until Dubai reopened its borders. However, India was still on lockdown and shipping the finished goods became a challenge. When NAS finally got its first inventory and was working on the packaging, the second wave broke out in India and put things on hold again. During the tough days, the team did not give up hope and continued to prevail with the ultimate goals in mind. Today NAS plans to add four new collections of perfumes, hairsprays and personal care products to its range.

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