Ranveer Singh praises the music duo Ajay-Atul for their #TheBigPicture soundtrack composition

Enigmatic Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, looking forward to making his big TV debut on COLORS ” The Big Picture ‘, a visual quiz show, has now fallen in love with his signature soundtrack composed by the dynamic musical duo Ajay-Atul. The music is the backbone of any television show, and it seems the maestros made it. It effortlessly captures the essence and vibe of the show. Ranveer Singh experienced it when he was on stage while filming. He warmly praised the title song and praised the work of the duo: “Kya music banaya hai Ajay-Atul ne, feel aa jati hai!”

The couple took no time to express their gratitude when they heard Ranveer’s praise: “We have always tried to do our best in everything we do. It is encouraging to hear such sweet words from a talented superstar. Audiovisual is the ultimate combination of all content, and we are sure that ‘The Big Picture’ will be an absolute pleasure and everyone will join in! “