Reality star becomes a “horse mummy”

In the latest Gemma Collins news, the reality star revealed that she added new members to her family over the weekend – she’s become a horse mummy!

The 40-year-old GC visited the social media website Instagram to share the good news.

Gemma announced the news on Instagram (Credit:

What is the latest news from Gemma Collins?

Gemma shared photos from an Easter family reunion yesterday (April 4th) and was photographed with the two newcomers.

She wore a multi-colored, striped two-piece suit and kept two Shetland ponies in a large garden.

The proud Gemma then introduced the Equine Cuties to her two million followers.

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“Hope [you’re] Everyone has a good weekend, ”she began.

“I love the country life and will be a horse mummy!”

“Thank you @katiee_toast for getting me the best.

“And thank you @neverfullydressed for my nice outfit.”

How did your followers react?

While it wasn’t clear if the two ponies were permanent members of the Collins household, it didn’t stop legions of fans from cooing at the two adorable animals.

One yelled, “I want a pet horse !!!”

Another wrote: “Ahhh incredible! Look at these little ponies! “

Oh my god, I have to cuddle you both !!!

A third commented excitedly: “Oh my god, I have to cuddle you both !!!”

Finally, a fourth follower wrote, “Please buy something and let me live my GC dreams.”

Other fans compared The GC to Lisa Vanderpump, who also owns Shetland ponies.

Gemma Collins has become a horse mummy
Gemma got into trouble again (Photo credit:

What else did Gemma do?

Other than new ponies, it’s been another busy week for Gemma.

She starred in a new advertising campaign for the anti-cruelty organization, PETA.

In the highly competitive campaign, Gemma was photographed with a skinned fox to discourage fans from using real fur.

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However, she had only shown on her Instagram feed the day before receiving a delivery of meat at her home.

This led to many supporters accusing her of “double standards”.

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