Reality star confirms she is dating Jack Padgett

Ferne McCann has confirmed she’s dating Jack Padgett after rumors suggest the former TOWIE star has a new boyfriend.

Ferne spoke exclusively to Entertainment Daily and revealed their good news.

She said, “It’s early morning, but yes, I met someone.”

Ferne McCann first spoke about her new boyfriend (Credit: Splash News)

What did Ferne McCann say about her new boyfriend?

Ferne and model Jack have just returned from a work trip to South Africa.

The couple looked pretty cozy while they were out there.

It’s early but yeah, I met someone.

And a chuckling distant is shy when ED! asks for Jack.

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“It’s early but I actually knew him five years ago, it’s crazy,” she said.

“I met him fine years ago, I’ve known him for years.

“It’s early, but yeah, I’ve met someone.”

She added, “I don’t want to talk about him anymore because I just want to see where it’s going.

“I was single in lockdown number one and it’s hard to meet anyone these days because nobody goes out – do you go to the apps? You can’t meet someone in a bar because you can’t be out, ”she said.

distant mccann Britain's best home cook
Distant will be on screen tonight as she cooks up a storm (Image Credit: BBC)

Ferne’s perfect dinner

With a route to a man’s heart through his stomach – and Ferne has signed up to appear in Celebrity Best Home Cook – what’s your current dinner?

“I love to cook a lot of different dishes,” she said.

“Honestly, I love it when the food is in the middle and you can eat and talk and drink all the way until you’re ready to go to bed.

“I love to share. If a man doesn’t share his food with me, he’s not my man. “

Celebrity Best Home Cook Tears

Ferne was nervous about the show that airs tonight (January 26) and tomorrow on BBC One.

Ferne competes against nine other well-known names to be chosen as the best home cooked food.

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However, she is concerned that a certain “moment” will be featured on the show.

“I have nightmares about it,” Ferne revealed.

“I found it very emotional, but I think cooking is emotional for some people. I believe that food is a form of love and I put my heart and soul into this competition and my dishes. “

Ferne laughed, “I found it emotional and I also filmed for First Time Mum and took care of Sunday, so I think I was probably very, very tired.”

“To be honest, I have my heart on my sleeve and I am quite sensitive. It was very intense and very powerful when you put the dishes in front of the three judges who are at the top of their game. I was nervous. There were definitely tears coming from me. “

One of those judges is Dame Mary Berry, and Ferne admitted she was struck by a star to meet the former Great British Bake Off judge.

“She was amazing. I was in awe of Mary. I’ve seen her on the red carpet and I’ve always been a bit impressed. I was excited and very nervous – it was a privilege for someone like Mary to judge your dishes, but also.” a privilege. “

It’s “now or never” for Strictly

Another friend who made Ferne on set was show host Claudia Winkleman – and Ferne admits she’s about to slip into her DMs and get Claude to put in a word for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

“Yeah, that was definitely my thinking process,” she laughed.

“In the end, I actually said, ‘Claudia, I’ve always wanted to do Strictly Come Dancing. ‘

“It was one of those moments in life when I thought, okay, far away, it’s now or never.

“I always said I would love to do this show. I’ve followed her a little earlier on Twitter and Instagram so maybe I can slip into her DMs to gently remind her. “

Strike back on “vacation” claims

When Ferne spoke about her recent trip to South Africa, she also took the time to refer to claims that she was on vacation rather than business.

“To me, I know I was out there for work,” she said.

“I was out there for a month. It was a really exciting project that you’ll be hearing about in a couple of months.

“I fully understand why people might have thought that, but I followed all the rules and was extremely safe.

“At the age of 90 with my grandfather, I fully understand the gravity of the situation and have also adhered to the South African rules, which were actually stricter. Alcohol bans, curfews, you had to wear your mask absolutely everywhere.

“I’ve seen a beautiful country, but I’m happy to be home. Quarantined day five and it’s been going well so far, ”she laughed.

“I don’t want to break any rules. I literally don’t step on the edge of my house. “

Celebrity Best Home Cook is on BBC One tonight (Jan 26) and at 9pm tomorrow.

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