Reports about Dancing on Ice Ax “factually incorrect”

News reports that John Barrowman was removed from Dancing on Ice are “factually incorrect,” his agent said.

John has been under fire for the past few weeks for claiming “inappropriate behavior” on televisions.

The Dancing on Ice judge has apologized for his actions and calls it “Tomfoolery”.

ITV was ordered to destroy John Barrowman (Credit: Splash News)

John Barrowman News: Is He Leaving Dancing on Ice?

In the wake of the allegations, ITV was asked to remove John from the ice sheet.

The sun claims today (May 30th) that the star from the 2022 series was “sensationally eliminated”.

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A television source said: “Ever since allegations against John came to light, the Dancing On Ice panel has been debating his future.

“But now we have the feeling that there is no way we can invite him back.

“ITV has shown that they are ready to act decisively when stars are accused of inappropriate behavior and it seems that this situation will not be an exception to the rule.”

John Barrowman News: Star Not Prevented From Dancing On Ice
John’s agent denied being banned from Dancing on Ice (Credit: ITV)

What did John Barrowman do?

It is alleged that the actor repeatedly exposed himself on the set of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.

He has appeared as Captain Jack Harkness in the popular drama.

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The allegations came to light after the Noel Clarke scandal when a historic video of Clarke – which appeared in Doctor Who – reappeared.

It featured Clarke joking about Barrowman’s alleged revelation.

What did ITV say?

An ITV spokesperson said: “Any discussion of the Dancing On Ice 2022 series is premature.”

Dancing on Ice engagements aren’t covered until much later in the year.

John’s agent went a step further, however, and fully denied that he had been deleted.

You said ED !: “That is factually wrong.

“As ITV has confirmed, no decision has been made.

“Dancing on Ice engagements aren’t covered until much later in the year.”

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