Republic Day Special: Celebs who watch the parade feel more patriotic

Every year on January 26th, most of us are taped to our television screens to watch the parade. Republic Day is the day you feel more patriotic and get immense love for your motherland, and the parade helps make that happen. Here’s what a few celebs had to say about the Republic Day parade. Continue reading:

Sharad Malhotra

Celebrating Republic Day as a kid was a different feeling. A flag was hoisted at school and then we were given candy. But as I grew up learning about the Indian Constitution, I realized the importance of that day. If I’m not taking photos now, I’ll watch the whole parade at home and then enjoy a few Jalebis. It naturally fills you with a sense of pride and patriotism.

Kettan Singh

I have never failed to see the parade in my life and it was my dream to see it live because I always felt that if I filled it with so much patriotism on TV it would be something else, it to see live. And I want my dream to come true.

Manit Joura

Patriotic films have always been my favorite and the January 26th parade has always inspired me to do something for my country. It is an emotional and proud moment and I try to do my part for my country, even if it means keeping my surroundings clean or helping those in need.

Adaa Khan

I have never missed the parade in my life. I have always enjoyed watching several regiments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force march along with their bands. Also the different ads from different states where they show their culture. I keep watching it.

Nitin Kumar Gupta

I always physically walk past the flag wherever I am. To see the high, the Tiranga unfold, cannot fade in my life! This year I did post-production on my film ‘LAC’ and recorded the song Sarzameen – e-Hindustan. I felt even more patriotic, if that was even possible!

Vijayendra Kumeria

Every year I make sure to see the parade with my family. It makes me proud. At the same time, I think you have to be a citizen who adheres to the Constitution every day and doesn’t just feel patriotic for a day or two. Whatever you do, don’t leave the sacrifices of the soldiers who fought or are still fighting to save our country in vain.

Pranitaa Pandit

I grew up in Delhi. I also took part in the parade. It was an amazing experience. I enjoy watching the parade and I would love my child to do so too because it makes you feel more connected to your country. I have nothing to honor my motherland except my love. Whenever the national anthem plays, I like to sing it too, especially in the theater when the film starts, I sing it loudly and I’m very proud of it.

Rohit Choudhary

This is a very proud day for all of us. When I’m in Delhi I always try to see the parade, but when I’m out of town I watch it on TV. I don’t miss seeing the parade that day. I love my country and I am proud of it and pay tribute to the soldiers from whom we are safe.

Nishant Singh Malkhani

As a child, I loved the parade, although I couldn’t see it every year because of the ceremonies at school. Now I make sure that I absolutely see it. Even if you feel patriotic all year round, watching the parade make you feel more patriotic and want to do all you can for your country.

Searcheta Trivedi

I love watching the Doordarshan parade to this day. To date, I haven’t missed a single parade. This year in the midst of the pandemic, there will be a very different feeling about how every person on this planet should learn that independence is equally divided between responsibility and freedom.

Ajay Singh Chaudhary

My father was in the army and my brother is also a soldier. We watched it all very closely. It’s a feast for our family. If you have patriotism in you, not only will they celebrate it as a holiday, but we should all celebrate it as a big festival. It’s a big day for us and we take it very seriously.

Srishti Jain

We had a big party at school on Republic Day, but since we grew up and started working, it has unfortunately become more of a holiday. Nevertheless, the building I live in is celebrating Republic Day with enthusiasm. Plus, my dad and I love to watch the parade.

Aanushka Ramesh

Nowadays, Republic Day is mostly only celebrated by children in school. Although technically a holiday, on this day I feel more patriotic and proud, proud to be an Indian, and grateful for all the blessings this motherland has given me. I don’t see the entire parade as such, but also see it and other similar programs. However, I do share posts on my social media and pay tribute to my country.

Taher Ali Baig

I saw the parade when I was a kid. As we all know, Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into force, replacing the British India Act (1935). We kicked the British out with a lot of pain and sacrifice; Our independence would have no meaning without a proper constitution. The editorial committee headed by Dr. BR Ambedkar did an excellent job in drafting the constitution. Because of the Constitution, we are what we are. All I can or would do to pay tribute to this day is less, I am much small and tiny before it.

Malvi Malhotra

I think we should celebrate Republic Day and commit ourselves not to let the efforts of our great freedom fighters go in vain because it is really important to remember the sacrifices they have made. We should be paying some kind of tribute to them. I like to watch the parade and greet our soldiers and our national flag.

Zaan Khan

When I’m in my hometown these days, I watch the parade with my grandfather when he was a freedom fighter. But when I’m not taking photos in Mumbai, I make sure I go to a place where flags are being hoisted, be it in a school or in the Gateway of India. It feels very good to see our national flag above. If I take photos this year, I’ll make sure we all sing the national anthem and, if possible, we’ll also raise flags.

Mohit Daga

As I grew up watching the parade, I always wished I was there to do the parade and I believe that feeling is in everyone. January 26th and August 15th are important to me because I’ve always wanted to go to the defense but couldn’t. Even now, I’m following what’s going on in the defense, and still I hear the news before bed. During school we were given chocolates and cookies and we took it as a vacation but growing up I learned the importance of that day and today I am happy when I see the parade.

Kavitta Verma

My father came from the army and, since childhood, always made it his goal to view the parade and the ceremonies as a ritual. It will certainly restore our confidence in the constitution of our beautiful country. As an army child, I would say we should be grateful to those who have been martyred for our country because we are leading an emancipated life because of them.

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